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26 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "fauna - pigeon, carrier-"

  1. The dovecote and the aviary.
    By: Dixon, Edmund Saul.
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1851.
    Pages: Page 20  Page 79  Page 103  Page 126  Page 132  Page 133  Page 136  Page 137  Page 140  Page 156  End Slip 1, side 1  
  2. The new and complete pigeon-fancier: or, modern treatise on domestic pigeons.
    By: Girton, Daniel.
    Publication info: London :[s.n.],n.d..
    Pages: Page 18  Page 13  Page 14  Page 37  
  3. Pigeons and rabbits in their wild, domestic and captive states.
    By: Delamer, Eugene Sebastian
    Publication info: London :G. Routledge & Co.,1854.
    Pages: Page 77  End Note 1  
  4. A treatise on the art of breeding and managing tame, domesticated and fancy pigeons.
    By: Eaton, John Matthews.
    Publication info: London :the Author,1852.
    Pages: Page xiv  Page xv  Page 40  Page 44  Page 58  Page 65  Page 82  End Slip   End Note 2