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23 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "fauna - fowl, "Cochin-China""

  1. De l'espèce et des races dans les êtres organisés et spécialement de l'unité de l'espèce humaine.
    By: Godron, Dominique Alexandre.
    Publication info: Paris :J.B. Baillière et Fils,1859.
    Volume: v.1
    Pages: Page 441  Page 442  Page 444  Page 446  
  2. Illustrated series of rare and prize poultry including comprehensive essays upon all classes of domestic fowl.
    By: Ferguson, George.
    Publication info: [s.n.] :G. Ferguson, Beaufort Library,1854.
    Pages: Page 27  End Slip 3, side 1  
  3. Ornamental and domestic poultry: their history and management.
    By: Dixon, Edmund Saul.
    Publication info: London :The Gardeners' Chronicle,1848.
    Pages: Page 188  Page 253  Page 264  Page 273  Page 275  Page 277  Page 285  Page 287  Page 306  Page 309  Page 324  Page 325  End Slip 2  End Note 2  
  4. Profitable poultry.
    By: Tegetmeier, William Bernhard.
    Publication info: London :Darton & Co.,1854.
    Pages: Page 27  Page 28  End Slip