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  1. Considérations sur les céréales, et principalement sur les froments.
    By: Loiseleur-Deslongchamps, Jean Louis Auguste.
    Publication info: Paris :Bouchard-Huzard,1842.
    Pages: Page 49  Page 49  End Slip 1, side 1  End Slip 1, side 1  
  2. Contributions to the natural history of the United States of North America.
    By: Agassiz, Louis,
    Publication info: [s.n.] :[s.n.],n.d..
    Pages: Page 37  Page 41  End Slip   
  3. Dogs.
    By: Smith, Charles Hamilton, - Jardine, W.
    Publication info: Edinburgh :W.H. Lizars,1839-1840.
    Volume: v.1
    Pages: Page 88  End Slip   End Slip   
  4. The dovecote and the aviary.
    By: Dixon, Edmund Saul,
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1851.
    Pages: Page 14  
  5. Essais de zoologie générale.
    By: Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Isidore,
    Publication info: Paris :Roret,1841.
    Volume: v.1
    Pages: Page 287  Page 442  
  6. Essay on the physiognomy of serpents.
    By: Schlegel, Hermann.
    Publication info: Edinburgh :Maclachlan, Stewart & Co.,1843.
    Pages: Page 203  Page 203  Page 228  Page 228  
  7. Flora Indica.
    By: Hooker, Joseph Dalton, - Thomson, Thomas.
    Publication info: London :W. Pamplin,1855.
    Pages: Page 25  Page 25  Page 27  Page 27  Page 91  Page 91  Page 104  Page 104  Page 26  Page 26  Page 37  Page 37  Page 103  Page 103  Page 105  Page 105  Page 253  Page 253  End Slip , side 2  End Slip , side 2  
  8. Handbook to the birds of Australia.
    By: Gould, John,
    Publication info: London :by the author,1865.
    Volume: v.1 [Darwin's copy]
    Pages: Page 145  Page 145  Page 502  Page 527  Page 527  Page 633  
  9. Histoire naturelle générale des règnes organiques.
    By: Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Isidore,
    Publication info: Paris :Victor Masson,1854-1862.
    Volume: v.3
    Pages: Page 101  Page 101  Page 478  Page 478  Page 479  Page 479  
  10. A history of British birds.
    By: Yarrell, William,
    Publication info: London :John Van Voorst,1839.
    Pages: Page 186  Page 186  
  11. A history of British fossil mammals and birds.
    By: Owen, Richard,
    Publication info: London :John Van Voorst,1846.
    Pages: Page xlii  Page xliv  Page 69  
  12. Introductory essay to the flora of New Zealand.
    By: Hooker, Joseph Dalton,
    Publication info: London :Lovell Reeve,n.d..
    Pages: Page xiv  Page xix  Page xx  Page xxiii  Page xxv  Page xxvii  Page xxix  Page xxx  Page xxxi  Page xxxiii  Page xxxiv  Page xxxv  Page xxxvi  Page xxxvii  Page xxxviii  
  13. Lake Superior: its character, vegetation, and animals, compared with those of other similar regions.
    By: Agassiz, Louis,
    Publication info: Boston :Gould, Kendall & Lincoln,1850.
    Pages: Page 258  
  14. Leçons de botanique.
    By: Saint-Hilaire, Auguste de,
    Publication info: Paris :P.J. Loss,1841.
    Pages: Page 143  
  15. A manual of elementary geology.
    By: Lyell, Charles.
    Publication info: [s.n.] :[s.n.],1855.
    Pages: Page 450  Page 462  
  16. On the classification and geographical distribution of Crustacea.
    By: Dana, James Dwight,
    Publication info: Philadelphia :C. Sherman,1853.
    Pages: Page 1561  Page 1569  Page 1578  
  17. On the domesticated animals of the British islands.
    By: Low, David.
    Publication info: London :Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans,1845.
    Pages: Page 151  Page 174  
  18. On the flora of Australia.
    By: Hooker, Joseph Dalton,
    Publication info: London :Lovell Reeve,1859.
    Pages: Page xvi  Page xvii  Page xxi  Page xxvii  Page xxviii  Page xxix  Page xxxi  Page xxxiii  Page xxxiv  Page xxxv  Page xxxvi  Page xxxvii  Page xli  Page xlii  Page l  Page liv  Page lvi  Page lxxxv  Page lxxxvi  Page lxxxvii  Page lxxxviii  Page lxxxix  Page xci  Page xcii  Page xciii  Page xcv  Page xcvii  Page xcviii  Page c  Page ci  Page cii  Page ciii  Page civ  Page cv  Page cvi  End Slip 1   End Slip 2, side 1  
  19. On the genesis of species.
    By: Mivart, St. George Jackson,
    Publication info: London :Macmillan & Co.,1871.
    Pages: Page 147  Page 148  
  20. Philosophie zoologique.
    By: Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste
    Publication info: Paris :Duminil-Lesueur,1830 (1830 re-issue of the 1809 edition).
    Pages: Page 241  
  21. Principles of geology.
    By: Lyell, Charles.
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1837.
    Volume: v.2
    Pages: Page 398  Page 398  Page 404  Page 404  End Note 1  End Note 1  Page 69  Page 69  Page 311  
  22. Researches into the physical history of mankind.
    By: Prichard, James Cowles.
    Publication info: London :Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper,1836.
    Volume: v.1
    Pages: Page 26  Page 29  Page 31  Page 52  Page 53  Page 73  Page 74  Page 79  Page 82  Page 86  
  23. Sheep.
    By: Youatt, William.
    Publication info: London :Baldwin & Cradock,1837.
    Pages: Page 70  Page 184  End Slip 1  End Slip 1  
  24. Supplement to the fifth edition of A manual of elementary geology.
    By: Lyell, Charles.
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1857.
    Pages: Page 25  
  25. über den Einfluss der Isolirung auf die Artbildung.
    By: Weismann, August.
    Publication info: Leipzig :W. Engelmann,1872.
    Pages: Page 102