18 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "places - Porto Santo"

  1. Histoire naturelle générale des règnes organiques.
    By: Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Isidore.
    Publication info: Paris :Victor Masson,1854-1862.
    Volume: v.3
    Pages: Page 402  Page 403  End Slip 2  
  2. On the flora of Australia.
    By: Hooker, Joseph Dalton,
    Publication info: London :Lovell Reeve,1859.
    Pages: Page liv  
  3. On the variation of species.
    By: Wollaston, Thomas Vernon.
    Publication info: London :John Van Voorst,1856.
    Pages: Page 66  Page 67  Page 74  Page 90  Page 122  Page 124  Page 128  Page 129  Page 131  Page 132  Page 133  Page 134  
  4. Principles of geology.
    By: Lyell, Charles.
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1837.
    Volume: v.3
    Pages: Page 58  Page 58