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Published material

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New York,C. E. Merrill co.[c1910]


1817-1862 , 19th century , Authors, American , Biography , Homes and haunts , Massachusetts , Natural history , Social life and customs , Solitude , Thoreau, Henry David, , Walden Woods , Walden Woods (Mass.) , Wilderness areas

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<title>Walden, </title>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Thoreau, Henry David,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1817-1862</namePart>
<role> <roleTerm type="text">creator</roleTerm>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Dorey, Joseph Milnor,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1876-</namePart>
<role> <roleTerm type="text">ed.</roleTerm>
<role> <roleTerm type="text">contributor</roleTerm>
<genre authority="marcgt">book</genre>
<placeTerm type="text">New York,</placeTerm>
<publisher>C. E. Merrill co.</publisher>
<dateIssued encoding="marc" point="start" keyDate="yes">1910</dateIssued>
<form authority="marcform">print</form>
<languageTerm authority="iso639-2b" type="text">English</languageTerm>
<temporal>19th century</temporal>
<topic>Authors, American</topic>
<topic>Homes and haunts</topic>
<topic>Natural history</topic>
<topic>Social life and customs</topic>
<topic>Thoreau, Henry David,</topic>
<geographic>Walden Woods</geographic>
<geographic>Walden Woods (Mass.)</geographic>
<topic>Wilderness areas</topic>
<classification authority="lcc">PS3048 .A1 1910c</classification>
<identifier type="uri">http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/39703</identifier>
<identifier type="lccn">10004367</identifier>
<identifier type="doi">10.5962/bhl.title.39703</identifier>
<recordContentSource authority="marcorg">DLC</recordContentSource>

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TI - Walden,
UR - http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/88292
PB - C. E. Merrill co.
CY - New York,
PY - 1910
AU - Thoreau, Henry David,
AU - Dorey, Joseph Milnor,
KW - 1817-1862
KW - 19th century
KW - Authors, American
KW - Biography
KW - Homes and haunts
KW - Massachusetts
KW - Natural history
KW - Social life and customs
KW - Solitude
KW - Thoreau, Henry David,
KW - Walden Woods
KW - Walden Woods (Mass.)
KW - Wilderness areas
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