Special report on diseases of the horse.
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Special report on diseases of the horse.




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Washington,Govt. print. off.,1891.


Diseases , Horses

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<title>Special report on diseases of the horse. </title>
<name type="corporate">
<namePart>United States. Bureau of Animal Industry.</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Dickson, William.</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Harbaugh, W. H.</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1856-1897</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Holcombe, Allen Anderson,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1850-1920</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Huidekoper, Rush Shippen,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1854-1901</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Law, James,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1838-1921</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Liautard, Alexandre Fran&#231;ois Augustin,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1835-1918</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Michener, Charles B.,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1838-</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Salmon, D. E.</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Trumbower, M. R.</namePart>
<genre authority="marcgt">book</genre>
<placeTerm type="text">Washington,</placeTerm>
<publisher>Govt. print. off.,</publisher>
<dateIssued encoding="marc" point="start">1891</dateIssued>
<languageTerm authority="iso639-2b" type="text">English</languageTerm>
<classification authority="lcc">SF951 .U5</classification>
<identifier type="uri">http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/49987</identifier>
<identifier type="lccn">04003667</identifier>
<recordContentSource authority="marcorg">DLC</recordContentSource>

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