Natural history,
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Natural history,

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Series: The Concise knowledge library




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New York,D. Appleton and company,1897.




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<title>Natural history, </title>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Lydekker, Richard,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1849-1915</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Bather, Francis Arthur,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1863-1934</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Bernard, Henry Meyners.</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Garstang, Walter,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1868-1949</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Kirby, W. F. (William Forsell),</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1844-1912</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Kirkpatrick, R.</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1863-</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Pocock, R. I. (Reginald Innes),</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1863-1947</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Sharpe, Richard Bowdler,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1847-1909</namePart>
<name type="personal">
<namePart>Woodward, Bernard Barham,</namePart>
<namePart type="date">1853-1930</namePart>
<genre authority="marcgt">book</genre>
<placeTerm type="text">New York,</placeTerm>
<publisher>D. Appleton and company,</publisher>
<dateIssued encoding="marc" point="start">1897</dateIssued>
<languageTerm authority="iso639-2b" type="text">English</languageTerm>
<classification authority="lcc">QL47 .L98</classification>
<relatedItem type="series">
<title>The Concise knowledge library</title>
<identifier type="uri"></identifier>
<identifier type="oclc">5792097</identifier>
<identifier type="lccn">06027834</identifier>

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%A Lydekker, Richard,
%A Bather, Francis Arthur,
%A Bernard, Henry Meyners.
%A Garstang, Walter,
%A Kirby, W. F.
%A Kirkpatrick, R.
%A Pocock, R. I.
%A Sharpe, Richard Bowdler,
%A Woodward, Bernard Barham,
%D 1897
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%C New York,
%I D. Appleton and company,
%! Natural history,
%L QL47 .L98
%K Zoology
%G English
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