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  1. Anuran amphibians from a seasonally dry forest in southeastern Peru and comparisons of the anurans among sites in the upper Amazon basin
    By: Duellman, William E - Thomas, Richard
    Type: Article
    In: Occasional papers of the Natural History Museum, the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
    Volume: 180
    Date: 1996-12-31
    Page Range: 1--34
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  2. A check-list of West Indian amphibians and reptiles
    By: Schwartz, Albert - Thomas, Richard
    Type: Article
    In: Special Publications of Carnegie Museum
    Volume: 1
    Date: 1975
    Page Range: 1--216
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  3. A new gecko from the Virgin Islands
    By: Thomas, Richard
    Type: Article
    In: Quart J Florida Acad Sci
    Volume: 28
    Date: 1965
    Page Range: 117--122
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  4. Two new subspecies of Amphisbaena (Amphisbaenia, Reptilia) from the Barahona Peninsula of Hispaniola
    By: Thomas, Richard
    Type: Article
    In: Breviora
    Volume: 215
    Date: 1965-02-15
    Page Range: 1--14
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  5. Variation in Hispaniolian Sphaerodactylus (Sauria: Gekkonidae)
    By: Thomas, Richard - Schwartz, Albert
    Type: Chapter
    In: Advances in herpetology and evolutionary biology. Essays in honor of Ernest E. Williams
    Date: 1983
    Page Range: 86--98
    Publication info: Cambridge, Mass. :Museum of Comparative Zoology,1983.
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