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  1. Anleitung zu der Pflanzung und Wartung der vornehmsten Küchengewächse. Aus Ph. Millers englischem Gärtnerlexiko; durch Veranstaltung der Löbl. ökonom Gesellschaft in Bern zusamengetragen.
    By: Miller, Philip,
    Publication info: BernIn Verlag der neuen Buchhandlung1766
    Contributed by: Gerstein - University of Toronto (
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  2. Catalogus Plantarum :tum exotiarum tum domesticarum, quae in hortis haud procul a Londino sitis in venditionem propagantur = A Catalogue of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers, both exotic and domestic, which are propagated for sale, in the gardens near London :divided, accorded to their different degrees of hardiness, into particular books, or parts; in each of which the plants are ranged in an alphabetical order. by a Society of Gardeners
    By: Society of Gardeners - Miller, Philip,
    Publication info: London :[Society of Gardeners],c1730.
    Contributed by: Natural History Museum Library, London
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  3. Dictionnaire des jardiniers, contenant les méthodes les plus sûres et les plus modernes pour cultiver et améliorer les jardins potagers, à fruits, à fleurs et les pépinieres ... et dans lequel on donne des préceptes pour multiplier et faire prospérer tous les objets soumis à l'agriculture, et la maniere d'employer toutes sortes de bois de charpente. Ouvrage traduit de l'anglois, sur la huitieme edition de Philippe Miller. Par une société de gens de lettres ...
    By: Miller, Philip, - Chazelles, Laurent Marie de, - Holandre, François
    Publication info: Paris,Guillot,1785.
    Contributed by: Fisher - University of Toronto (
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  4. The gardeners dictionary : containing the best and newest methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, flower garden, and nursery, as also for performing the practical parts of agriculture, including the management of vineyards, with the methods of making and preserving wine, according to the present practice of the most skilful vignerons in the several wine countries in Europe, together with directions for propagating and improving, from real practice and experience, all sorts of timber trees /
    By: Miller, Philip, - Miller, J. - Philip Miller. - John and Francis Rivington.
    Publication info: London :Printed for the author and sold by John and Francis Rivington ... [and 23 others],1768.
    Contributed by: Multiple institutions
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  5. The gardeners dictionary : containing the methods of cultivating and improving all sorts of trees, plants, and flowers, for the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure gardens, as also those which are used in medicine : with directions for the culture of vineyards, and making of wine in England ... /
    By: Miller, Philip,
    Edition: The fourth edition, corrected and enlarged.
    Publication info: London :Printed for the author and sold by John and James Rivington,1754.
    Contributed by: New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library
    BHL Collections: New York Botanical Garden
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  6. The gardeners dictionary: containing the methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit and flower garden, as also the physick garden, wilderness, conservatory, and vineyard.
    By: Miller, Philip,
    Edition: Abridg'd from the folio ed.
    Publication info: London,Printed for the Author,1735.
    Contributed by: UMass Amherst Libraries (
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  7. The gardeners kalendar : directing what works are necessary to be performed every month in the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure-gardens, as also in the conservatory and nursery: Shewing I. The particular seasons for propagating all sorts of esculent plants and fruits, with the time when each sort is proper for the table. II. The proper seasons for transplanting all sorts of trees, shrubs, and plants, with the time of their flowering /
    By: Miller, Philip,
    Edition: The fourteenth edition, with a list of the medicinal plants, which may be gathered for use each month. To which is prefixed a short introduction to the science of botany, illustrated with copper plate
    Publication info: London :Printed for the author, and sold by John Rivington ..., H. Woodfall ...,1765.
    Contributed by: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
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  8. A general system of gardening and botany. Founded upon Miller's Gardener's dictionary, and arranged according to the natural system.
    By: Don, George, - Miller, Philip,
    Publication info: London,Printed for C. J. G. and F. Rivington,1831-38.
    Contributed by: NCSU Libraries (
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