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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
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lines 17—20 score

lines 36—37 score

lines 34—38 score
from End Slip annotation 233 Medusae will root & develop polypites

lines 22—24 score
from End Slip annotation 237 [illegible] of Ungulates alone bear horns

lines 18—23 score
from End Slip annotation 238 Tissues of all Vertebrates homologous

lines 24—27 score
lines 24—27 annotation [illegible]

lines 18—21 score

lines 11—20 score
from End Slip annotation 241 Serial Homology ought to precede Homologies between distinct species.—

lines 5—19 score
from End Slip annotation 247 on Difference in no of cervical vertebrae in different Mammals.—

lines 1—5 score
from End Slip annotation 253 differentiation of tissues & organs mark of Highness

lines 1—5 score
from End Note annotation Carp 258 Man;

lines 11—16 score

lines 18—23 score

lines 28—37 score

lines 29—35 score
lines 29—35
from End Slip annotation 265 The young flowers which swim vertically retain primordial condition & so may be said to reverse—

lines 1—11 score
from End Note annotation 294— contractile Sarcode with muscles—
from End Slip annotation 294 on possibility of transitions in tissues — (see M.S. notes at end of Book)

lines 19—25 score
from End Slip annotation 301 Homologies of Trachea — Mucus-sack

lines 16—25 score

lines 35—38 score
from End Note annotation 304 Surely in fish we have gradation to bone from cartilage?— Other tissues?—

lines 13—17 score

lines 4—18 annotation This seems all rubbish

lines 35—38 score

lines 1—15 annotation Look at the greyhound See dom. animals

lines 11—17 score
from End Slip annotation 322 striped muscles common to Vertebrates & Invertebrates, cd have been derived from common ancestor for wd have been too low.—

lines 27—29 score

lines 28—30 annotation !

lines 21—29 score
lines 17—27 annotation Death falling on young more probable selection
from End Note annotation 339 Causes of difference in number of offspring — Ratios of increase & Struggle for Existence. See H. Spencer, Principles of Biology