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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
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deleted pinholes visible line connects passages
« » inserted count up from last line ÷* long division
Annotation Not Available

annotation 23 specifies characters which man-like apes■ have in common— , 24    affinities
show subjects subjects

annotation 27 ? 26 where published (Dutch)
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annotation X 38 Expression

annotation Boston Journal Nat. Hist . vol IV & 1867 [he means `1847'] Dr Savage (p.211 Huxley 46 do.)

annotation X 48 Expression prtrudg lip 50

annotation 49 Polygamous

annotation 65 to 119
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annotation    Look■ a■t all scores before writng about Man .t01
t01 - `Look at ... .' in pale pencil
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annotation 137    Correlation of frntal sinus & strng muscls

annotation 144 good■ referenc (p. 46)

annotation 153 ■
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annotation horizontally crossed    Reduction of Wise-tooth

annotation Man
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annotation vertically crossedin dark grey ink 34
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annotation Species Theor
     40 variability in skulls of ‹Gorill› Orang—t01
         ■    ■
t01 - `variability in ... Orang—' in dark grey ink
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annotation     Read
     Lubbock — Wallace — Lyell — Prichard — Pickering — Loring
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