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  1. An essay on the antiquity of Hindoo medicine, including an introductory lecture to the course of materia medica and therapeutics, delivered at King's College.   (added: 03/20/2016 )
  2. Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society of London. new ser.:v.28 (1903-1904)   (added: 08/10/2014 )
  3. Don précieux aux amis, traitant des qualités des végétaux et des simples.   (added: 12/09/2012 )
  4. Le charbon et la vaccination charbonneuse d'après les travaux récents de M. Pasteur,   (added: 07/22/2012 )
  5. Tobacco : the effects of its use as a luxury on the physical and the moral nature of man ; a prize essay /   (added: 05/31/2012 )
  6. De vi atque usu nicotianae tabaci ...   (added: 05/31/2012 )
  7. Organic materia medica and therapeutics : in accordance with the sixth revision of the United States Pharmacopoeia /   (added: 04/29/2012 )
  8. The dynamics of living matter /   (added: 04/15/2012 )
  9. Typhus fever : with particular reference to the Serbian epidemic. /   (added: 04/15/2012 )
  10. Ernährung und Volksnahrungsmittel : Sechs Vorträge /   (added: 04/15/2012 )
  11. The origin of life and process of reproduction in plants and animals : with the anatomy and physiology of the human generative system, male and female, and the causes, prevention and cure of the special diseases to which it is liable : a plain, practical treatise, for popular use /   (added: 04/15/2012 )
  12. Ginseng and other medicinal plants : a book of valuable information for growers as well as collectors of medicinal roots, barks, leaves, etc. /   (added: 04/15/2012 )
  13. Diseases of metabolism and of the blood : animal parasites, toxicology /   (added: 04/08/2012 )
  14. Bacteriological apparatus : pathological, biochemical /   (added: 04/08/2012 )
  15. Concentrated organic medicines : being a practical exposition of the therapeutic properties and clinical employment of the combined proximate medicinal constituents of indigenous and foreign plants ... /   (added: 04/01/2012 )
  16. Catalogus plantarum medicinalium in pharmacopoea belgica memoratarum. Accedit introductio ad studium botanicum.   (added: 04/01/2012 )
  17. Formulae for making tinctures, infusions, syrups, wines, mixtures, pills, &c., simple and compound, from the fluid & solid extracts,   (added: 04/01/2012 )
  18. Organic materia medica : including the standard remedies of the leading pharmacopoeas as well as those articles of the newer materia medica ... and of the preparations made therefrom by Parke, Davis & Co. ...   (added: 04/01/2012 )
  19. An anniversary discourse, on the state and prospects of the Western museum society: delivered by appointment, in the chapel of the Cincinnati college, June 10th, 1820, on the opening of the museum.   (added: 03/25/2012 )
  20. The physical effects of smoking : preliminary experimental studies /   (added: 03/25/2012 )
  21. The physical effects of smoking : preliminary experimental studies /   (added: 03/25/2012 )
  22. A synopsis; or, systematic catalogue of the medicinal plants of the United States.   (added: 03/25/2012 )
  23. The house fly as a disease carrier : and how controlled /   (added: 03/25/2012 )
  24. Vorlesungen über die geschichtliche Entwickelung der Lehre von den Bacterien,öeffler ...   (added: 03/12/2012 )
  25. Historische Studien und Skizzen zu Naturwissenschaft, Industrie und Medizin am Niederrhein : Der 70 Versammlung der deutschen Naturforscher und Ärzte gewidmet von dem Naturwissenschaftlichen Verein [et al.]   (added: 03/12/2012 )
  26. Altdeutsche Gartenflora; Untersuchungen über die Nutzpflanzen des deutschen Mittelalters, ihre Wanderung und ihre Vorgeschichte im klassischen Altertum.   (added: 03/11/2012 )
  27. Tuberculosis and vinegar : presented to the section on physiology and dietetics at the forty-eighth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, held at Philadelphia, Pa., June 1st to 4th, 1897 /   (added: 03/04/2012 )