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  1. Histoire naturelle d'oiseaux peu communs : et d'autres animaux rares & qui n'ont pas ete decrits, consistant en quadrupedes, reptiles, poissons, insectes, &c. Representes sur cent dix planches en taille douce, avec une ample & exacte description de chaque figure. A laquelle on a ajout©♭ quelques reflexions sur les oiseaux de passage ; & un suppl©♭ment © plusieurs des sujets qui sont d©♭crits dans cet ouvrage. En quatre parties. v.1   (added: 05/14/2017 )
  2. The spaniel and its training. By F. H. F. Mercer ... To which is added the American and English spaniel standards.   (added: 03/27/2017 )
  3. The grouse. : Natural history, by H. A. Macpherson /   (added: 03/19/2017 )
  4. Organographie vegetale ; ou, Description raisonnee des organes des plantes, pour servir de suite et de developpement a la theorie elementaire de la botanique, et d'introduction a la physiologie vegetale et a la description des familles, avec 60 planches en taille-douce / pt.1:v.2(1827)   (added: 03/12/2017 )
  5. Caii Plynii secundi naturalis historiae liber I   (added: 02/19/2017 )
  6. Over Indian and animal trails /   (added: 01/23/2017 )
  7. Katzen-Fuge in G moll fu˜r das Piano-forte /   (added: 01/16/2017 )
  8. Mangosteen cultivation /   (added: 10/24/2016 )
  9. The book of woodcraft /   (added: 10/10/2016 )
  10. Through the Brazilian wilderness /   (added: 05/17/2016 )
  11. Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet, Bd.2   (added: 04/10/2016 )
  12. Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet, Bd.1   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  13. Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet, Bd.3   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  14. Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet, Bd.4   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  15. Every man his own horse doctor /   (added: 02/07/2016 )
  16. The booke of falconrie or hawking : for the onely delight and pleasure of all noblemen and gentlemen : collected out of the best authors, aswell Italians as Frenchmen, and some English practises withall concerning falconrie /   (added: 01/17/2016 )
  17. The forgotten salmon of the Merrimack /   (added: 09/27/2015 )
  18. Alpine flowers for English gardens /   (added: 08/23/2015 )
  19. The English flower garden and home grounds : design and arrangement shown by existing examples of gardens in Great Britain and Ireland, followed by a description of the plants, shrubs and trees for the open-air garden and their culture /   (added: 08/23/2015 )
  20. The English flower garden : style position & arrangement ; followed by a description of all the best plants for it, their culture and arrangement /   (added: 08/23/2015 )
  21. Micrographia, or, Some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses :with observations and inquiries thereupon /by R. Hooke ...   (added: 08/23/2015 )
  22. Norfolk /   (added: 06/14/2015 )
  23. A booke of the arte and maner how to plant and graffe all sortes of trees, how to set stones, and sowe pepins, to make wylde trees to graffe on, as also remedies and medicines : with divers other newe practises by one of the Abbey of Saint Vincent in Fraunce practised with his owne handes, deuided into seauen chapters, as hereafter more playnely shall appeare, wyth an addition in the ende of this boke, of certayne Dutch practises /   (added: 05/24/2015 )
  24. The pine lands and lumber trade of Michigan, exhibiting the extent, quality and advantages /   (added: 04/12/2015 )
  25. The herball, or, Generall historie of plantes /   (added: 02/01/2015 )