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  1. Shaggycoat; the biography of a beaver, by Clarence Hawkes ... illustrations by Charles Copeland.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  2. California desert trails, by J. Smeaton Chase, with illustrations from photographs by the author, and an appendix of plants, also hints on desert travelling.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  3. Notes on the state of Virginia.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  4. Notes on the Northwest : or, valley of the upper Mississippi / by Wm. J.A. Bradford.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  5. Letters on the natural history and internal resources of the State of New-York by Hibernicus.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  6. Thomas Henry Huxley, by Edward Clodd ...   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  7. Narrative of a journey across the Rocky Mountains, to the Columbia River, and a visit to the Sandwich Islands, Chili, &c.; with a scientific appendix. By John K. Townsend ...   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  8. The farm of the first minister. An address ... before the New Hampshire Board of Agriculture ... 1894.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  9. Wild sports in the far West. By Frederick Gerstaecker. Translated from the German. With eight crayon drawings, executed in oils, from designs by Harrison Weir.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  10. Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, and the grand prairies : or, Notes by the way, during an excursion of three years, with a description of the countries passed through, including their geography, geology, resources, present condition, and the different nations inhabiting them /   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  11. The duplicate letters, the fisheries and the Mississippi. Documents relating to transactions at the negotiation of Ghent. Collected and pub. by John Quincy Adams, one of the commissioners of the United States at that negotiation.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  12. Rocky Mountain life; or, Startling scenes and perilous adventures in the far West. By Rufus B. Sage.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  13. Photography for the sportsman naturalist, by L. W. Brownell.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  14. History of the town of Hingham, Massachusetts. 2   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  15. History of the town of Hingham, Massachusetts.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  16. Some American medical botanists commemorated in our botanical nomenclature, by Howard A. Kelly...delivered as a lecture before the Medical historical society of Chicago, 1910, and before the University of Nebraska, October 16, 1913.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  17. The dance festivals of the Alaskan Eskimo / by E. W. Hawkes.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  18. Industrial experiments in the British Colonies of North America.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  19. The agricultural bloc, by Arthur Capper. copy 1   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  20. The autobiography of an English gamekeeper (John Wilkins, of Stanstead, Essex) ed. by Arthur H. Byng and Stephen M. Stephens.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  21. History of the state of California: From the period of the conquest by Spain to her occupation by the United States of America. Containing an account of the discovery of the immense gold mines and placers, the enormous population of gold-seekers, the quantity of gold already obtained, a description of her mineral and agricultural resources, with thrilling accounts of adventures among the mines. Also, advice to emigrants on the best routes, and the preparations necessary to get there. To which is added a brief account of the formation of the government and constitution of the said state /   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  22. The last months of Chaucer's earliest patron, by Albert Stanburrough Cook.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  23. Natural history; or, Uncle Philip's conversations with the children about tools and trades among inferior animals.   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  24. A ranchman's recollections; an autobiography in which unfamiliar facts bearing upon the origin of the cattle industry in the Southwest and of the American packing business are stated, and characteristic incidents recorded, by Frank S. Hastings ...   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  25. Biographies of distinguished scientific men. By François Arago ... Tr. by Admiral W.H. Smyth ... the Rev. Baden Powell ... and Robert Grant ... 1   (added: 11/14/2009 )