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  1. Final report of the Ontario Game and Fisheries Commission, 1909-1911. --   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  2. Forest life in Acadie : Sketches of sport and natural history in the lower provinces of the Canadian dominion / By Captain Campbell Hardy. --   (added: 12/27/2009 )
  3. Rural life in Canada : its trend and tasks / by John MacDougall. With an introduction by James W. Robertson ... for the Board of social service and evangelism, the Presbyterian church in Canada. --   (added: 12/27/2009 )
  4. Wild flowers of the North American mountains / by Julia W. Henshaw. --   (added: 12/27/2009 )
  5. The Natural history of the Toronto Region, Ontario, Canada / edited by J.H. Faull. --   (added: 12/27/2009 )
  6. Farm-cottage, camp and canoe in maritime Canada : or, The call of Nova Scotia to the emigrant and sportsman / by Arthur P. Silver. With an introduction by the Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona & Mount Royal... With 97 illustrations, mainly from photographs. --   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  7. Plantes fourragères prairies et pâturages / par Geo. H. Clark et M. Oscar Malte ; avec gravures a l'aquarelle de Norman Criddle ; traduit au Bureau de Traduction du Ministère. --   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  8. Emigration : The British farmer's and farm labourers' guide to Ontario, the premier province of the dominion of Canada / Issued by authority of the government of Ontario. --   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  9. Modern whaling & bear-hunting : a record of present-day whaling with up-to-date appliances in many parts of the world, and of bear and seal hunting in the Arctic regions / by W.G. Burn Murdoch.   (added: 11/16/2009 )
  10. Diary of a journey through Upper Canada and some of the New England states, 1819 / by John Goldie.   (added: 11/11/2009 )
  11. Essex County, the sun parlor of Canada : opportunities for farming and gardening.   (added: 11/11/2009 )
  12. Narrative of the Arctic land expedition to the mouth of the Great Fish River : and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the years, 1833, 1834, and 1835.   (added: 11/11/2009 )