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  1. Jin hua yu ren sheng.   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  2. Zhi wu ming shi tu kao chang bian.   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  3. Annual reports of the dairymen's associations of the Province of Ontario. 1921-22   (added: 10/07/2013 )
  4. El libro de las aves de caça, del canciller Pero Lopez de Ayala, con las glosas del duque de Alburquerque.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  5. A preliminary report on the geology of the Monarch mining district, Chaffee County, Colorado / by R.D. Crawford.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  6. Insecticides, fungicides and weedkillers: a practical manual on the diseases of plants and their remedies, for the use of manufacturing chemists, agriculturists, arboriculturists and horticulturists, by E. Bourcart, D. SC. Tr. from the French, rev. and adapted to British standards and practice, by Donald Grant.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  7. Revision of the Pelycosauria of North America / by E.C. Case.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  8. Modern nature study : a first book for use in Canadian schools.   (added: 07/12/2010 )
  9. Wright's book of poultry / revised and edited in accordance with the latest Poultry Club standards by S.H. Lewer, assisted by leading specialists.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  10. On the culture and commerce of cotton in India and elsewhere; with an account of the experiments made by the Hon. East India Company up to the present time.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  11. A Manual of the coniferae : containing a general review of the order; a synopsis of the hardy kinds cultivated in Great Britain; their place and use in horticulture, etc., etc.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  12. A history of agriculture in Wisconsin, by Joseph Schafer.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  13. The chemistry of plant and animal life, by Harry Snyder.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  14. First and second reports of the Bureau of agriculture for the state of Tennessee. Introduction to the resources of Tennessee, by J. B. Killebrew, A.M., assisted by J. M. Safford ... C. W. Charlton ... H. L. Bentley.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  15. Cotton from seed to loom. A handbook of facts for the daily use of producer, merchant and consumer. By William B. Dana.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  16. The cherries of New York, by U.P. Hedrick, assisted by G.H. Howe, O.M. Taylor, C.B. Tubergen, R. Wellington.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  17. The horse book; a practical treatise on the American horse breeding industry as allied to the farm, by J. H. S. Johnstone.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  18. Alfalfa farming in America, by Joseph E. Wing.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  19. Finland: its forests and forest management. Compiled by John Croumbie Brown ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  20. Report on the necessity of preserving and replanting forests. Comp. at the instance of the government of Ontario, by R. W. Phipps, Toronto.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  21. Arboriculture; or A practical treatise on raising and managing forest trees and on the profitable extension of the woods and forests of Great Britain, by John Grigor.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  22. Economics of forestry; a reference book for students of political economy and professional and lay students of forestry, by Bernhard E. Fernow.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  23. A familiar talk about trees : delivered in the hall of the House of Representatives, Concord, at a meeting of the New Hampshire Board of Agriculture, on the evening of June 13, 1883 / by Franklin B. Hough.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  24. Ensilage: its influence upon British agriculture.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  25. English gardener.   (added: 07/04/2010 )