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  1. The handbook of British ferns : comprising scientific and popular descriptions, with engravings of all the indigenous species and varieties, with instructions for their cultivation /   (added: 06/19/2016 )
  2. The British ferns : popularly described : forming a complete history of the family as regards their characteristics, peculiarities, natural places of growth, and the most successful methods of cultivating them /   (added: 06/19/2016 )
  3. An account of the isthmus of Tehuantepec in the republic of Mexico; with proposals for establishing a communication between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, based upon the surveys and reports of a scientific commission, appointed by the projector, Don José de Garay.   (added: 05/09/2016 )
  4. The Jurassic rocks of Britain. 2   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  5. The Jurassic rocks of Britain. 4   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  6. The Jurassic rocks of Britain. 3   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  7. British ferns and mosses, describing their haunts and habits, their forms and uses, with numberous pictorial representations.   (added: 03/22/2015 )
  8. The ancient life-history of the earth. A comprehensive outline of the principles and leading facts of palaeontological science.   (added: 12/10/2013 )
  9. Tidal evolution; a concise statement of the effect of tidal friction on the diurnal motion of the earth.   (added: 07/28/2013 )
  10. Old west Surrey;   (added: 03/03/2013 )
  11. The vineyards in Alameda County; being the report of Charles Bundschu ...   (added: 01/28/2013 )
  12. The trees at Mount Vernon / report of Charles Sprague Sargent to the Council of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union. (1917)   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  13. Practical game-preserving: a complete guide to the rearing and preservation of both winged and ground game, and the destruction of vermin.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  14. The life and letters of Charles Darwin, including an autobiographical chapter. Edited by his son, Francis Darwin. Seventh thousand revised. 2   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  15. Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899. J. B. Hatcher in charge. Edited by William B. Scott. Suppl.:v.8 (1914)   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  16. Life in the sea /   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  17. The doctrine of evolution; its basis and its scope,   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  18. Wild life in China, or, Chats on Chinese birds and beasts /   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  19. A revision of the tenebrionid subfamily Conintina.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  20. Report on the birds of Pennsylvania : with special reference to the food habits, based on over three thousand stomach examinations /   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  21. Flowers of the field.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  22. Field book of american wild flowers; being a short description of their character and habits, a concise definition of their colors, and incidental references to the insects which assist in their fertilization, by F. Schuyler Mathews...   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  23. Familiar wild flowers figured and described by F. Edward Hulme ... 1st- ser. ... 3   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  24. Essay on the trees and shrubs of the ancients: being the substance of four lectures delivered before the University of Oxford, intended to be supplementary to those on Roman husbandry, already published.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  25. The American Palaeozoic fossils : a catalogue of the genera and species, with names of authors, dates, places of publication, groups of rock in which found, and the etymology and signification of the words, and an introduction devoted to the stratigraphical geology of the Palæozoic rocks.   (added: 01/27/2013 )