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  1. A volume of letters from Dr. Berkenhout to his son at the university.   (added: 02/19/2017 )
  2. Exploration of the Colorado River of the West and its tributaries Explored in 1869, 1870, 1871, and 1872, under the direction of the secretary of the Smithsonian institution   (added: 01/30/2017 )
  3. The handbook of British ferns : comprising scientific and popular descriptions, with engravings of all the indigenous species and varieties, with instructions for their cultivation /   (added: 06/19/2016 )
  4. The British ferns : popularly described : forming a complete history of the family as regards their characteristics, peculiarities, natural places of growth, and the most successful methods of cultivating them /   (added: 06/19/2016 )
  5. An account of the isthmus of Tehuantepec in the republic of Mexico; with proposals for establishing a communication between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, based upon the surveys and reports of a scientific commission, appointed by the projector, Don Jos√© de Garay.   (added: 05/09/2016 )
  6. The Jurassic rocks of Britain. 2   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  7. The Jurassic rocks of Britain. 4   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  8. The Jurassic rocks of Britain. 3   (added: 04/03/2016 )
  9. British ferns and mosses, describing their haunts and habits, their forms and uses, with numberous pictorial representations.   (added: 03/22/2015 )
  10. The ancient life-history of the earth. A comprehensive outline of the principles and leading facts of palaeontological science.   (added: 12/10/2013 )
  11. Tidal evolution; a concise statement of the effect of tidal friction on the diurnal motion of the earth.   (added: 07/28/2013 )
  12. Old west Surrey;   (added: 03/03/2013 )
  13. The vineyards in Alameda County; being the report of Charles Bundschu ...   (added: 01/28/2013 )
  14. The trees at Mount Vernon / report of Charles Sprague Sargent to the Council of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union. (1917)   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  15. Practical game-preserving: a complete guide to the rearing and preservation of both winged and ground game, and the destruction of vermin.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  16. The life and letters of Charles Darwin, including an autobiographical chapter. Edited by his son, Francis Darwin. Seventh thousand revised. 2   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  17. Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899. J. B. Hatcher in charge. Edited by William B. Scott. Suppl.:v.8 (1914)   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  18. Life in the sea /   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  19. The doctrine of evolution; its basis and its scope,   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  20. Wild life in China, or, Chats on Chinese birds and beasts /   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  21. A revision of the tenebrionid subfamily Conintina.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  22. Report on the birds of Pennsylvania : with special reference to the food habits, based on over three thousand stomach examinations /   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  23. Flowers of the field.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  24. Field book of american wild flowers; being a short description of their character and habits, a concise definition of their colors, and incidental references to the insects which assist in their fertilization, by F. Schuyler Mathews...   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  25. Familiar wild flowers figured and described by F. Edward Hulme ... 1st- ser. ... 3   (added: 01/27/2013 )