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  1. Correspondence : Wilkes and Torrey
    By: Wilkes, Charles,
    Holding Institution: New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library
    Subjects: (1838-1842)  1796-1873  1798-1877  Correspondence  Scientific Expeditions  Torrey, John,  United States  United States Exploring Expedition  Wilkes, Charles,  
    BHL Collections: New York Botanical Garden
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  2. The life of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane : and of other distinguished American explorers : containing narratives of their researches and adventures in remote and interesting portions of the globe / by Samuel M. Smucker.
    By: Smucker, Samuel M. (Samuel Mosheim),
    Publication info: Philadelphia :G.G.Evans,1860.
    Holding Institution: MBLWHOI Library
    Subjects: 1751-1789  1794-1858  1798-1877  1813-1890  1820-1857  Explorers  Frémont, John Charles,  Kane, Elisha Kent,  Ledyard, John,  Perry, Matthew Calbraith,  United States  Wilkes, Charles,  
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  3. William D. Brackenridge and John Torrey correspondence, 1847-1855
    By: Brackenridge, William D. (William Dunlop),
    Holding Institution: New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library
    Subjects: (Charles Christopher),  (Georg Friedrich),  (James William),  (John Milton),  (Karel Bořiwoj),  (William Dunlop),  1760-1818  1770-1829  1779-1842  1782-1858  1785-1865  1786-1859  1789-1854  1794-1852  1796-1873  1797-1878  1798-1877  1798-1888  1803-1873  1804-1878  1805-1878  1805-1886  1806-1863  1807-1873  1810-1888  1810-1893  1813-1890  1813-1901  1820-1897  1823-1890  -1830  -1853  -1877  Abert, J. W  Adiantum chilense  Agardh, Jacob Georg,  Agassiz, Louis,  Asplenium  Bartlett, John Russell,  Benton, Thomas Hart,  Bigelow, John M  Botanical specimens  Botany. Cryptogamia. Filices, including Lycopodiac  Brackenridge, William D  Cercis  Cheilanthes scariosa  Correspondence  Coultas, Harland,  Doryopteris concolor  Drayton, Joseph  Enumeratio Filicum  Frémont, John Charles,  Freycinet, Louis Claude Desaulses de,  Gaudichaud, Charles,  Geographical distribution of animals and plants  Gray, Asa,  Henry, Joseph,  Historia Filicum  Hooker, William Jackson,  Journal of botany  Kaulfuss, Georg Fried  Kreutzfeldt, Frederick,  Lehmann, Johann Georg Christian, 1792-1860  M
    BHL Collections: John Torrey Papers | New York Botanical Garden
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