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  1. The bryophytes of Connecticut / by Alexander William Evans and George Elwood Nichols.
    By: Evans, Alexander W. - Nichols, George E.
    Publication info: Hartford :Printed for the State Geological and Natural History Survey,1908.
    Contributed by: University of Connecticut Libraries (
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Connecticut  Mossen  
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  2. The bryophytes of Illinois : an annotated and indexed bibliography and checklist / Bill N. McKnight.
    By: McKnight, Bill N. - Illinois.
    Publication info: Urbana, Ill. :State of Illinois, Dept. of Energy and Natural Resources, Natural History Survey Division,[1987]
    Contributed by: University Library, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
    Subjects: Bibliography  Bryophytes  Illinois  Indexes  
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  3. Catálogo descriptivo de briologia portuguêsa /
    By: Machado, António. - Universidade do Porto.
    Publication info: Lisboa :Manuel Lucas Torres,[1918?]
    Contributed by: Field Museum of Natural History Library
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Catalogs and collections  Mosses  Portugal  
    BHL Collections: Field Museum Library
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  4. Characters of some new Hepaticae (mostly North American), together with notes on a few imperfectly described species by Coe F. Austin.
    By: Austin, Coe F.
    Publication info: S.l. :s.n.,1869?
    Contributed by: (
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Canada  Liverworts  United States  
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  5. Contributions to the bryology and hepaticology of North America /
    By: Sullivant, William Starling,
    Publication info: Cambridge (Mass.) :Metcalf and company,1846.
    Contributed by: Wellcome Library (
    Subjects: Bryology  Bryophytes  Electronic books  Liverworts  United States  
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  6. Genera of European and Northamerican Bryineæ (Mosses) synoptically disposed by N.C. Kindberg.
    By: Kindberg, N. C.
    Publication info: [Göteborg, Sweden :s.n.],1897
    Contributed by: (
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Europe  Mosses  North America  
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  7. Guide for the identification of rare, threatened or sensitive bryophytes in the range of the northern spotted owl, western Washington, western Oregon, and northwestern California /
    By: Christy, John A., - Wagner, David H., - United States.
    Publication info: Portland, Or. :U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon-Washington State Office,1996.
    Contributed by: Bureau of Land Management (
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Pacific coast  Pacific Coast (U.S.)  Rare plants  United States  
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  8. List of Canadian hepaticæ
    By: Pearson, William Henry, - Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada.
    Publication info: Montreal :W. Foster Brown,1890.
    Contributed by: (
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Canada  Liverworts  
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  9. List of Canadian hepaticæ / by Wm. Hy. Pearson.
    By: Pearson, William Henry, - Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada.
    Publication info: Montreal :W.F. Brown,1890.
    Contributed by: University of Toronto - Gerstein
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Canada  Liverworts  
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  10. Rare bryophytes of Oregon /
    By: Exeter, Ronald L., - Harpel, Judith, - Wagner, David H., - United States.
    Publication info: Salem, Or. :U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Salem District,©2016.
    Contributed by: Bureau of Land Management (
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Classification  Endangered plants  Guidebooks  Identification  Oregon  Pictorial works  Rare bryophytes  Rare mosses  
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  11. Synopsis hepaticarum : coniunctis studiis scripserunt et edi curaverunt / C. M. Gottsche... J. B. G. Lindenberg... et C. G. Nees ab Esenbeck.
    By: Gottsche, Karl Moritz, - Lindenberg, Johann Bernhard Wilhelm, - Nees von Esenbeck, Christian Gottfried Daniel,
    Publication info: Hamburgi :Meissnerianis,1844-[1847]
    Contributed by: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Liverworts  
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  1. Bryoflora of Gallery Forest in Quirinópolis, Goiás State, Brazil
    By: Aquino,Herla Ferreira de - Resende,Isa Lucia de Morais - Peralta,Denilson Fernandes - Rocha,Lucas Matheus da
    Type: Article
    In: Instituto de Botânica
    Date: 2015-09-01
    Publication info: Instituto de Botânica 2015-09-01
    Subjects: Brazilian savanna  Bryophytes  Liverworts  Mosses  Wetlands  
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  2. Bryoflora of the municipalities of Soure and Cachoeira do Arari, on Marajó Island, in the state of Pará, Brazil
    By: Brito,Eliete da Silva - Ilkiu-Borges,Anna Luiza
    Type: Article
    In: Acta Botanica Brasilica
    Date: 2013-03-01
    Subjects: Amazon  Bryophyta  Bryophytes  Marchantiophyta  Neotropics  
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  3. Bryophyte flora in upland forests at different successional stages and in the various strata of host trees in northeastern Pará, Brazil
    By: Tavares-Martins,Ana Cláudia Caldeira - Lisboa,Regina Célia Lobato - Costa,Denise Pinheiro da
    Type: Article
    In: Acta Botanica Brasilica
    Date: 2014-03-01
    Subjects: Bryophytes  northeastern Pará  primary forests  secondary forests  vertical distribution  
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  4. Meeting between kingdoms: discovery of a close association between Diplopoda and Bryophyta in a transitional Andean-Pacific forest in Colombia
    By: Martínez-Torres, Shirley Daniella - Flórez Daza, Álvaro Eduardo - Linares-Castillo, Edgar Leonardo
    Type: Article
    In: International Journal of Myriapodology
    Volume: 6
    Date: 2011
    Page Range: 29-36
    Publication info: Pensoft Publishers 2011
    Subjects: Bryophytes  Colombia  Diplopoda  epizoic  Platyrhacidae  Psammodesmus  
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  5. Ocorrências novas de briófitas para o Brasil
    Type: Article
    In: Sociedade Botânica de São Paulo
    Date: 1998-08-01
    Publication info: Sociedade Botânica de São Paulo 1998-08-01
    Subjects: Bryophytes  
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  6. Richness of Marchantiophyta and Bryophyta in a protected area of the Brazilian Amazon
    By: Macedo,Luciana Priscila Costa - Ilkiu-Borges,Anna Luiza
    Type: Article
    In: Acta Botanica Brasileira
    Date: 2014-12-01
    Publication info: Acta Botanica Brasileira
    Subjects: Amazonia of Maranhão  Bryophytes  Gurupi Biological Reserve  Liverworts  Mosses  
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