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  1. The action of various pharmacological and other chemical agents on the chromatophores of the brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis Mitchill [by] John N. Lowe.
    By: Lowe, John Nicholas.
    Publication info: Baltimore,The Waverly press,1917
    Contributed by: Library of Congress
    Subjects: Chromatophores  Trout  
    BHL Collections: Library of Congress
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  2. Color changes of animals in relation to nervous activity, by G.H. Parker ...
    By: Parker, George Howard,
    Publication info: Philadelphia,University of Pennsylvania Press;1936.
    Contributed by: MBLWHOI Library
    Subjects: Body fluids  Chromatophores  Color  Fishes  Nervous system  
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  3. Integumental chromatophores of a color-change, thermoregulating lizard, Phrynosoma modestum (Iguanidae, Reptilia). American Museum novitates ; ; no. 2943.
    By: Frost, Sally Kay Viparina. - Sherbrooke, Wade C.
    Publication info: New York, N.Y. : American Museum of Natural History 1989
    Contributed by: American Museum of Natural History Library
    Subjects: Chihuahuan Desert  Chromatophores  Mexico  Phrynosoma modestum  physiology  Reptiles  
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  4. Studies in the control of pigment cells and light reactions in Recent teleost fishes. Part 1, Morphology of the pineal region, Part 2, Reactions of the pigmentary system to hormonal stimulation. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 115, article 1
    By: Rasquin, Priscilla.
    Publication info: New York : [American Museum of Natural History] 1958
    Contributed by: American Museum of Natural History Library
    Subjects: Animal pigments  Chromatophores  Effect of light on  Endocrinology  Fishes  Light  Osteichthyes  Physiological effect  physiology  Pineal gland  
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  5. Untersuchungen zur Kenntniss des körnigen Pigments der Wirbelthiere in physiologischer und pathologischer Hinsicht / von Carl Bruch.
    By: Bruch, Carl Wilhelm Ludwig,
    Publication info: Zürich :Im Verlag von Meyer und Zeller,1844.
    Contributed by: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: Chromatophores  Pigment Epithelium of Eye  Vertebrates  
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    By: Vidal,Marcela A - Ortiz,Juan Carlos - Labra,Antonieta
    Type: Article
    In: Gayana (Concepción)
    Date: 2007-06-01
    Subjects: Chile  Chromatophores  Liolaemus  lizard  sexual dimorphism  
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