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  1. Chester Dewey and John Torrey correspondence, 1818-1862
    By: Dewey, Chester,
    Holding Institution: New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library
    Subjects: (Carl Adolf),  (Henry Augustus),  (Henry Halsey),  (Henry Parker),  (Ithamar Bingham),  (Lewis Caleb),  1764-1831  1764-1839  1766-1833  1767-1841  1771-1830  1773-  1776-1833  1776-1842  1779-1864  1780-1834  1780-1843  1780-1858  1783-1846  1783-1868  1784-1860  1784-1867  1785-1859  1786-1859  1786-1879  1787-1860  1789-1846  1790-1857  1792-1847  1792-1863  1792-1867  1793-1827  1793-1850  1793-1864  1793-1872  1795-1869  1796-1873  1796-1882  1798-1853  1799-1863  1801-1883  1810-1888  1834-1906  -1854  Agardh, C. A  Aster  Astragalus  Barratt, Joseph,  Beck, Lewis C  Bigelow, Jacob,  Boott, Francis,  Botanical specimens  Brace, John Pierce,  Brassica napus  Brucite  Carex  Chemistry  Childs, Henry H  Cleaveland, Parker,  Collins, Zaccheus,  Cooley, Dennis,  Correspondence  Crawe, I. B  Cryptogamia  Dana, James Freeman,  Dewey, Chester,  Dickinson, John Dean,  Eaton, Amos,  Elliott, Stephen,  Emmons, Ebenezer,  Entomology  Euonymus  Eupatorium  Flora of the northern and middle sections of the U  Fossils  Fungi  Geological and agricultural survey of Rensselaer C  Geological specim
    BHL Collections: John Torrey Papers | New York Botanical Garden
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  2. Jade: a study in Chinese archaeology and religion / by Berthold Laufer. 68 plates, 6 of which are colored and 204 text-figures.
    By: Laufer, Berthold,
    Publication info: Chicago,1912.
    Holding Institution: University Library, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
    Subjects: Antiquities  China  Jade  Religion  
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  1. Muyrakyta ou muiraquita: um talismã arqueológico em jade procedente da amazônia: aspectos físicos, mineralogia, composição química e sua importância etnogeológica
    By: COSTA,Marcondes Lima da - SILVA,Anna Cristina Resque Lopes da - ANGÉLICA,Rômulo Simões - PÖLLMANN,Herbert - SCHUCKMANN,Walter
    Type: Article
    In: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia
    Date: 2002-09-01
    Publication info: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia
    Subjects: actinolita  Amazonia  Jade  muiraquitã  Muyrakytã  nefrita  tremolita  
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