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  1. Catalogue de la collection de coquilles terrestres / de M. Adolphe Boucard.
    By: Boucard, Adolphe,
    Publication info: Tours :P. Bousrez,1901.
    Contributed by: Harvard University, MCZ, Ernst Mayr Library
    Subjects: Catalogs and collections  Land snails  Prosobranchia  Snails  
    BHL Collections: Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University
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  1. Molecular evidence for the polyphyly of Bostryx (Gastropoda: Bulimulidae) and genetic diversity of Bostryx aguilari
    By: Ramirez,Jorge L. - Ramírez,Rina
    Type: Article
    In: Zoologia (Curitiba)
    Date: 2013-02-01
    Subjects: Land snails  Lomas  molecular systematic  Orthalicoidea  rRNA  
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  2. Re-characterization of the Red-lip Megalobulimus (Gastropoda: Strophocheilidae) from Peru with description of a new species
    By: Borda,Victor - Ramírez,Rina
    Type: Article
    In: Zoologia (Curitiba)
    Date: 2013-12-01
    Subjects: Anatomy  genitalia  Land snails  pallial complex  shell  
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  3. A review of the non-bulimulid terrestrial Mollusca from the Region of Atacama, northern Chile
    By: Araya, Juan Francisco - Catalán, Ricardo
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 398
    Date: 2014
    Page Range: 33-51
    Publication info: Pensoft Publishers 2014
    Subjects: Bothriembryontidae  Charopidae  Chile  Ellobiidae  Land snails  Pupillidae  Strophocheilidae  
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  4. Three new species of the carnivorous snail genus Perrottetia Kobelt, 1905 from Thailand (Pulmonata, Streptaxidae)
    By: Naggs, Fred - Panha, Somsak - Sutcharit, Chirasak - Siriboon, Thanit
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 287
    Date: 2013
    Page Range: 41-57
    Publication info: Pensoft Publishers 2013
    Subjects: genitalia  Land snails  predator  systematics  taxonomy  
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