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  1. Account of the skeleton of the mammoth, a non-descript carnivorous animal of immense size, found in America.
    By: Peale, Rembrandt,
    Publication info: London,E. Lawrence,1802.
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Mammoths  
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  2. An historical disquisition on the mammoth : or, great American incognitum, an extinct, immense, carnivorous animal, whose fossil remains have been found in North America
    By: Peale, Rembrandt, - Mercier, C. (Charles). - C. Mercier and Co.
    Publication info: London :Printed for E. Lawrence, by C. Mercier,1803.
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
    Subjects: 1803  Mammoths  
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  3. Mastodon, mammoth, and man / by J. P. MacLean.
    By: MacLean, J. P. (John Patterson),
    Publication info: Cincinnati,Williamson & Cantwell publishing co.,1878.
    Holding Institution: Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Ernst Mayr Library
    Subjects: Mammoths  Mastodon  Prehistoric peoples  
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  4. Mastodon, mammoth, and man,
    By: MacLean, J. P. (John Patterson),
    Edition: 2d ed.
    Publication info: Cincinnati,R. Clarke,1880 [c1878]
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Mammoths  Mastodons  Prehistoric peoples  
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  5. Memoirs of mammoth, and various other extraordinary and stupendous bones, of incognita, or non-descript animals : found in the vicinity of the Ohio, Wabash, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Osage, and Red rivers, &c. &c. Published for the information of those ladies and gentlemen, whose taste and love of science tempt them to visit the Liverpool museum /
    By: Ashe, Thomas,
    Publication info: Liverpool :Printed by G. F. Harris,1806.
    Holding Institution: University of Pittsburgh Library System (archive.org)
    Subjects: Mammoths  Paleontology  United States  
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  6. A preliminary list of fossil mastodon and mammoth remains in Illinois and Iowa, by Netta C. Anderson. On the proboscidean fossils of the Pleistocene deposits in Illinois and Iowa, by Johan August Udden.
    By: Anderson, Netta C. - Udden, Johan August,
    Publication info: Rock Island, Ill.,Augustana Book Concern, printers,1905.
    Holding Institution: University of California Libraries (archive.org)
    Subjects: Illinois  Iowa  Mammoths  Mastodons  Paleontology  Pleistocene  Proboscidea, Fossil  Proboscidea, Fossill  
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  7. Wykopaliska Starunskie Son mamut (Elephas primigenius Blum) i Nosorozec wochaty (Rhinoceros antiquitatis Blum. s. tichorhinus Fisch) wraz z wspoczesna flora i fauna, &c. = [On the mammoth and Italian rhinoceros dug up at Staruni, with their associated flora and fauna.].
    By: Bayger, J. A.
    Publication info: Kraków, :Nakł. Muzeum im. Dzieduszyckich,1914.
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
    Subjects: Mammoths  Paleontology  Poland  Rhinoceroses, Fossil  Starunia  
    BHL Collections: Field Museum Library
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  1. The skeleton of the Columbian mammoth.
    Type: Article
    In: The American Museum journal.
    Volume: v.7 (1907)
    Date: 1907
    Page Range: 5
    Publication info: New York :American Museum of Natural History,c1900-[1918]
    Subjects: Elephas columbi.  Mammoths  
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