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  1. The liver, spleen, pancreas, peritoneal relations, and biliary system in monotremes and marsupials / by William Colin Mackenzie.
    By: Mackenzie, William Colin, - Australian Institute of Anatomical Research (Melbourne, Australia)
    Publication info: [Melbourne], Australia :Critchley Parker,1918.
    Contributed by: Gerstein - University of Toronto (
    Subjects: Anatomy  Anatomy, Comparative  Digestive organs  Liver  Mammals  Marsupials  Montremata  Pancreas  Spleen  
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  2. Recherches sur les tubes de weber et sur le pancréas des poissons osseux / par P. Legouis.Propositions doneéss / par la Faculté.
    By: Legouis, P. - Académie de Médicine (France)
    Publication info: 1873.
    Contributed by: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Anatomy  Osteichthyes  Pancreas  Weberian apparatus  
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  1. Immunocytochemical study of the distribuition of endocrine cells in the pancreas of the Brazilian sparrow species Zonotrichia Capensis Subtorquata (Swaison, 1837)
    By: Nascimento,AA - Sales,A - Cardoso,TRD - Pinheiro,NL - Mendes,RMM
    Type: Article
    In: Brazilian Journal of Biology
    Date: 2007-11-01
    Publication info: Brazilian Journal of Biology
    Subjects: Bird  endocrine cells  immunoreactive cells  Pancreas  
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