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  1. Comparative histological studies on Duvernoy's gland of colubrid snakes. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 138, article 1
    By: Taub, Aaron M.
    Publication info: New York : [American Museum of Natural History] 1967
    Contributed by: American Museum of Natural History Library
    Subjects: Anatomy  Colubridae  Histology  Phylogeny  Salivary glands  Snakes  
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  2. Contributions to the anatomy and development of the salivary glands in the mammalia. Conducted under the George Crocker Special Research Fund at Columbia University.
    Publication info: New York,Columbia Univ. Pr.,1913.
    Contributed by: American Museum of Natural History Library
    Subjects: 59.14,31,6  Anatomy  Mammals  Salivary glands  
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  3. Physiology of the salivary glands, by A.S.V. Burgen and N.G. Emmelin.
    By: Burgen, A. S. V. - Emmelin, N. G.
    Publication info: Baltimore,Williams & Wilkins,1961.
    Contributed by: MBLWHOI Library
    Subjects: Salivary glands  
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  1. Histological and immunohistochemical findings of the action of botulinum toxin in salivary gland: systematic review
    By: Oliveira,J. B. - Evêncio-Neto,J. - Baratella-Evêncio,L.
    Type: Article
    In: Instituto Internacional de Ecologia
    Date: 2016-01-01
    Publication info: Instituto Internacional de Ecologia
    Subjects: botulinum toxin type A  botulinum toxins  Salivary glands  sialorrhea  
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