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  1. Arabic and Latin anatomical terminology chiefly from the Middle Ages.
    By: Fonahn, Adolf Mauritz,
    Publication info: KristianiaJ. Dybwad1922
    Contributed by: University of Toronto - Gerstein
    Subjects: Anatomy  Arabic language  Latin language  Terminology  Terms and phrases  
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  2. Aramaeische Pflanzennamen.
    By: Löw, Immanuel,
    Publication info: Leipzig,Engelmann,1881.
    Contributed by: University of Toronto - Robarts
    Subjects: Aramaic  Aramaic language  Nomenclature  Plant names, Popular  Plants  Syriac  Syriac language  Terms and phrases  
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  3. Five hundred pointes of good husbandrie. The ed. of 1580 collated with those of 1573 and 1577. Together with a reprint from the unique copy in the British Museum, of A hundreth good pointes of husbandrie, 1557.
    By: Tusser, Thomas, - Herrtage, Sidney John Hervon, - Payne, William,
    Publication info: LondonPublished for the English Dialect Society by Trübner1878
    Contributed by: University of Toronto - Gerstein
    Subjects: Agriculture  Early works to 1800  English language  Home economics  Provincialisms  Terms and phrases  
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  4. A popular guide to the terms of art and science, by C. Bankes Brookes.
    By: Brookes, C. Bankes.
    Publication info: Philadelphia :J.B. Lippincott & co.,1879.
    Contributed by: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: Dictionaries  English language  Glossaries, vocabularies, etc  Science  Terms and phrases  
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