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  1. Report of the proceedings of the expedition for the study of the causes of malaria : despatched to Sierra Leone, West Africa, under the leadership of Major Ronald Ross (Late Indian Medical Service), by the Liverpool School of Tropical Diseases, July 29th, 1899 /
    By: British Museum (Natural History). Department of Zoology. - Austen, E. E. (Ernest Edward), - Theobald, Fred. V. (Frederick Vincent), - Great Britain. His Majesty’s Stationery Office. - Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
    Publication info: London :H.M.S.O.,1899 [i.e. 1900] (:
    Contributed by: Natural History Museum Library, London
    Subjects: 1857-1932  British Museum (Natural History)  Catalogs and collections  England  etiology  London  Malaria  Mosquitoes  Mosquitoes as carriers of disease  pathogenicity  Ross, Ronald,  Sierra Leone  Sir,  Tropical medicine  
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  2. Manual of tropical medicine /
    By: Castellani, Aldo, - Chalmers, Albert John,
    Edition: 3d ed.
    Publication info: London :Baillière, Tindall and Cox,1919.
    Contributed by: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Manuals  Tropical medicine  
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  3. The intestinal protozoa of man /
    By: Dobell, Clifford, - O'Connor, F. W.
    Publication info: New York :Wood,1921.
    Contributed by: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine (
    Subjects: Amebiasis  Amoeba  Diseases  Dysentery  Eukaryota  Intestinal Diseases, Parasitic  Intestines  Medical care  Protozoa  Protozoa, Pathogenic  Tropical medicine  World War, 1914-1918  Zoology, Medical  
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  4. Die dem Ansehen nach Paradoxe aber in der Wahrheit und Erfahrung gegründete Auflösung folgender Frage: : ob in denen warmen oder kalten Ländern öffter Ader zu lassen sey? Zum zweyten mahl, un d zwar in Teutscher Sprache. Nebst einer beygefügten Kurtzen Abhandlung vom Schwindel und dessen Cur, eröffnet und publiciret /
    By: Hancke, Daniel Abraham,
    Publication info: Franckfurt und Leipzig, : [s.n.],1734.
    Contributed by: John Carter Brown Library (
    Subjects: Circumpolar medicine  Columbus, Christopher  Dizziness  Imprint 1734  Medicine  Snuff  Tobacco  Tropical medicine  
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  5. Coffee planting in southern India and Ceylon.
    By: Hull, Edmund C. P. - Mair, Robert Slater.
    Publication info: London,E. & F. N. Spon,1877.
    Contributed by: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: Coffee  India, South  Sri Lanka  Tropical medicine  
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  6. Essentials of tropical medicine, by Walter E. Master ...
    By: Masters, Walter Edgar.
    Publication info: London,J. Bale, sons & Danielsson, ltd.1920.
    Contributed by: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: Protozoa, Pathogenic  Tropical medicine  
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  7. The protein element in nutrition, by D. McCay.
    By: McCay, David,
    Publication info: London,E. Arnold;1912.
    Contributed by: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: Nutrition  Proteins  Tropical medicine  
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  8. Handbuch der tropenkrankheiten / unter mitwirkung von prof. dr. A. Baelz, prof. dr. P. Bassett-Smith, dr. P. van Brero, [u.a.] hrsg. von prof. dr. Carl Mense, 2. aufl.
    By: Mense, Carl Anton,
    Publication info: Leipzig :J. A. Barth,1913-23.
    Contributed by: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Tropical medicine  
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  9. Histoire des Maladies de S. Domingue, / Par M. Pouppé [sic] Desportes, médecin du Roi, & correspondant de l'Académie Royale des Sciences de Paris.
    By: Poupée-Desportes, Jean-Baptiste René,
    Publication info: A Paris :Chez Lejay, Libraire, rue S. Jacques, au-dessus de celle des Mathurins, au Grand Corneille,M. DCC. LXX. [1770]
    Contributed by: John Carter Brown Library (
    Subjects: Blacks  Botany  Diseases  Haiti  Imprint 1770  Pharmacology  Tropical medicine  
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  10. Report of the Wellcome tropical research laboratories at the Gordon memorial college, Khartoum.
    By: Wellcome tropical research laboratories, Khartoum.
    Publication info: Khartoum,Pub. for Department of education, Sudan government, by Baillière, Tindall & Cox, London,1904-11.
    Contributed by: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Medical geography  Mosquitoes  Sudan  Tropical medicine  
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