William Cooper and John Torrey correspondence, 1821-1830
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William Cooper and John Torrey correspondence, 1821-1830

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Series: John Torrey papers ; series 1, correspondence.


Cooper, William, 1798?-1864




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Correspondence from William Cooper to John Torrey, dated 1821-1830. The first half of the collection (1821-1823) covers the period of Cooper's education in Europe; the first letter, dated June 27, 1821, is written shortly after Cooper's arrival in London. Cooper's letters from this period are almost giddy, packed with accounts of scientific institutions he has visited and notable scientific figures he has met. As he travels through Europe his frustration with Torrey gradually mounts as the latter fails to respond to Cooper's long letters, culmanating with Cooper's vow that his letter of June 10, 1822 will be his last if he does not receive a reply from the man he had previously addressed as "Jack" but has now taken to calling "Dr. Torrey" and "Your Doctorship." Cooper later acknowledges finally receiving a reply, but periodically complains of Torrey's repeated long silences and failure to take into account the amount of time it takes a letter to find its way from New York to Paris. Correspondence from the second half of the collection (1824-1830) deals largely with issues surrounding the activities of the Lyceum of Natural History-- with which both Cooper and Torrey were closely involved-- particularly its publications. Toward the end of this period it becomes Cooper's turn to make excuses for not writing-- he is in love and distracted by his new wife. The collection also includes one letter from Cooper to William Oakes of Ipswich, Massachusetts, discussing ornithology and ornithological specimens. Obsolete plant and animal names mentioned include Anas spectabilis, Aroidea dracontium, Caladium glaucum, and Lecontia.

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