Get your game on and help save books from digital oblivion!

Play Smorball (smorballgame.org) and Beanstalk (beanstalkgame.org) and help us improve access to BHL books and journals. Your gameplay will help us verify the accuracy of our OCR (optical character recognition), ultimately allowing our pages to be searched, data mined, and more easily discovered! 

Learn more about our games.

About Smorball - https://smorballgame.org

Players of the more challenging Smorball game are asked to type the words they see as quickly and accurately as possible to help coach their team, the Eugene Melonballers, to victory to win the coveted Dalahäst Trophy in the fictional sport of Smorball. Each word typed correctly defeats an opposing smorbot and brings the Melonballers closer to the championships.

About Beanstalk - https://beanstalkgame.org

Players of the more relaxed Beanstalk game must type the words presented to them correctly in order to grow their beanstalk from a tiny tendril to a massive cloudscraper. The more words they type correctly, the faster the beanstalk grows. Players who accurately transcribe the most words will ascend to the top of the leaderboard as a result of their valuable contributions.

About the Project

Smorball and Beanstalk are part of the “Purposeful Gaming and BHL Project,” which is exploring how digital games can make scanned content more accessible and searchable for cultural institutions. Based at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri, “Purposeful Gaming” was established in 2013 through an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant and includes partners from Harvard University, Cornell University and the New York Botanical Garden.