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Ornithological biography, or an account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America ; accompanied by descriptions of the objects represented in the work entitled The Birds of America, a...
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Edinburgh, Adam Black, 1831-1839
Holding Institution
Natural History Museum Library, London
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Public domain. The BHL considers that this work is no longer under copyright protection.

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Annotation Not Available

lines 3—5 score
line 3 underline "all ... resembles"
line 5 underline "Young ... acquiring"

lines 7—9 score

lines 19—20 score

lines 23—26 score
line 26 underline "they ... in"
line 27 underline "second"
line 26 annotation sexes alike

lines 4—7 score
from End Slip annotation 55 Jay — attend whether young like old in other jays

lines 14—15 score
lines 14—15 annotation sexes nearly alike

line 24 underline "both ... incubating"
from End Slip annotation 75, 79 woodpeckers alternately incubating

line 20 underline "differs from"
from End Slip annotation 75, 79 woodpeckers alternately incubating

lines 26—27 score
lines 26—27 underline "differ ... distribution"

line 11 score
lines 4—5, 10, 11 underline "[colour-terms]"
from End Slip annotation 87 sexes very different & young not like female

lines 14—15 annotation nest in Hole

line 15, 16, 17 underline "[colour-terms]"

lines 9—17 score
lines 10—12 annotation both sexes change

lines 6—10 score

lines 11—13 score
lines 11—13 annotation sexes different & young differ

line 5, 13—14, 15 underline "[colour-terms]"

lines 20—23 score

lines 21—23 score

lines 5—8 score

lines 19—24 score

line 19 underline "female ... paler"
line 19 annotation this common to other species
from End Slip annotation 195 all Thrushes spotted on breast How in Blackbird

lines 23—28 score
lines 23—24 annotation How are Blackbirds?

lines 8—10 score

lines 20—21 underline "female ... eye"

lines 23—27 score
lines 24—25 annotation Sexes differ

lines 1—5 score

lines 1—7 score

lines 8—10 score

lines 24—25 underline "general ... with"

lines 27—32 score

lines 29—30 underline "general ... black"
line 30 underline "and at broad"

line 31 underline "yellowish"

line 33 score

lines 1—3 score

lines 19—22 score
from End Note annotation 407 Expression Owl puffing out feathers

lines 34—36 score

line 16 underline "young ... orange"

lines 18—21 score
line 21 underline "[most of line]"

line 35 underline "light ... vinaceous"

line 36 underline "hind ... part"

line 1 underline "neck ... blue"

lines 8—9 underline "lower ... red"

lines 16—21 score
line 18 underline "are"

lines 21—22 score

lines 1—4 score
line 4 underline "globular ... of"
from End Slip annotation 493, 497 T. cupido

lines 35—37 score

lines 21—24 score
line 23 underline "bird ... the"
line 24 underline "air ... bladder"
from End Slip annotation 493, 497 T. cupido

line 26 underline "muffled"

line 27 underline "refils ... receptacles"

lines 31—36 score

line 38 underline "than at mile"

line 4 underline "autumn ... much"

line 18 underline "graduated ... male"
lines 18—20 annotation so with long-tailed Flycatcher

lines 9—14 score

lines 10—13 score

line 12 underline "[colour-terms]"

lines 13—24 score
line 14, 16, 21, 23 underline "[colour-terms]"

lines 25—29 score

lines 32—34 score
from End Slip annotation 561 do not get mature plumage soon