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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
Annotation Not Available

top-margin annotation (a) Prophesied that Culicidae wd be rare on account of vast number of Empitae, & these abounded because Water-beetles sick & very rare
from End Note 1 annotation p26; p.28 very good; Struggle for existence

lines 9—30 score
lines 9—30 annotation (a)

lines 32—35 score
line 34 annotation (b)

bottom-margin annotation (B) Land-shells devoured by Mice — one kind protected by Carduus — like plants on commons by Thorns — Beans on shells in islands, where no mice, lately exterminated →

top-margin annotation He classes the relations of the Economy of Nature

lines 8—9 score
lines 4—21 annotation The more perfect the organism the less Evolution (external)

bottom-margin annotation Mr Traherne Moggridge remarked to me that he cd find seed of Legum. climbing plants only when dropped among thorny plants, in all other places devoured