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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
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Annotation Not Available

lines 14—19 score

lines 17—19 score

line 22 score
line 22 underline "and ... it"

lines 5—11 score

lines 4—5 score

lines 7—8 score

lines 19—21 score

line 19 underline "seeds"
lines 19—31 annotation not in Darwin's hand [not transcribed]

lines 28—31 score

lines 6—9 score

lines 29—32 score

lines 10—11 score

lines 15—16 score

lines 3—14 score

line 5 annotation V. p.383

lines 7—10 score
lines 7—32 annotation What is probable cause of this? — Why should many struggling for life ultimately better succeed, than a few = Is it that young carnivores are protected by fierce parents in youth? — are parents long lived? or not destroyed by other animals?

line 2 at "carnivores"
top-margin annotation marine birds few eggs
from End Slip annotation p383 Marine Birds few eggs — Orang outang — Lions a good many p284

line 4 at "waters"
top-margin annotation crocodiles

line 2 at "prolific" annotation Elephant, Ourang!!!

line 2 at "quadrupeds"
top-margin annotation pooh. V. p.284 for Lions & tigers — contrasted with horse — sheep &c &c !

lines 2—4 score
line 4 underline "who are all carnivores"

lines 4—6 score

lines 6—19 annotation Ostrich many eggs — Humming birds few eggs?? = does defending powers of parent cause few young ? by only few being destroyed?

lines 5—6 score

lines 9—10 score

lines 23—25 score

lines 20—22 score
lines 20—22 annotation !
line 22 underline "[most of line]"

line 24 underline "annihilated ... universal"

lines 25—29 annotation !

line 27 underline "single ... permitted"

lines 28—29 score

lines 1—4 score
from End Slip annotation 396 Pair of sparrows destroy 3360 caterpillars weekly

line 1 score
line 1 underline "and ... weeks"

lines 25—27 score

line 30 score

lines 13—14 score
lines 13—14 underline "Dogs ... generations"

line 30 score

lines 16—18 score

lines 24—26 score
line 24 underline "a ... mark"
line 25 underline "impossible ... immense"

lines 28—30 score
lines 28—30 annotation This being habitually con-sidered wonderful, shows how closely they resemble each other.

lines 9—12 score

lines 7—9 score
lines 7—9 annotation occasional yet true migrations are of difficult explanation

lines 1—4 score

lines 20—21 score

lines 7—8 score

lines 27—29 score

line 3 underline "Eagles"
from End Slip annotation 513 age of some Big Birds.—

line 6 annotation 41+?

lines 11—12 underline "The pelican"

line 13 underline "eighty"

line 17 underline "twenty ... years"

lines 19—20 score

line 24 underline "knew ... years"

line 26 underline "hundred ... years"

line 8 underline "1 ... years"
line 8 annotation toad
from End Slip annotation 515 age of toad (Ch. 5)

line 20 underline "old toad"

line 21 underline "thirty ... years"

lines 10—11 underline "annihilation ... species"

lines 13—14 annotation islands!!

line 16 underline "would ... this"
line 16 annotation !