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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
Contributed by Cambridge University Library
Annotation Not Available

To Charles Darwin, Esq. F.R.S. With the best regards of the Authors.

annotation p. 13. Remarks that local Botanists new species makers. (Ch. 4)

annotation p. 24 Says generally plants vary more in one climate than another (Ch. 4)

annotation ― Cannon. [he means `Canon.'] Similar climate in distant areas not inhabited by same or similar plants

annotation p 26 Plants of N. Zealand more variable than those of India
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annotation 27 .Dry hot lower hills of Central India poor in species
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annotation 28 Individual variation ( Ch. 4)

annotation 29. Organs least modified vary most XX

annotation 30 Cedar of Lebanon & Deodar

annotation 30 Division of vars. of more permanent which accompany change of locality ?? (Ch 4)t01
t01 - `(Ch 4)' in pale pencil

annotation 32. Change of value in timber — Oak worthless at Cape

annotation 32 Gret change in medicinal properties of Plants in different climates

annotation 37 Many extrardinry instances of deficiencies, as no Oaks & Pines — Caution about Islands. «Woodpecker & Vulture in Australia»

annotation 41. India & Java frmerly continuous ! Argues against chance introductions as too harmonious;— ‹th same argumt› look at dispersal of Boulders.—

annotation 41. Good remarks on strife of Plants

annotation 82. Mean temps of Equatorial Zones (?) for Glacial — «at 30° of Lat. 1 for each degrees» 1° for 300 ft ∴ 3000 = 10° of Lat.
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annotation 87. Lower Himalaya & plants of Ceylon at 8000ft, often identified. (Glacial)

annotation 91 India vry general sort of Flora (& vry central site C.D)

annotation 92 Local numerous assemblages of species «only» commonest on temperate & sub-alpine districts.

annotation 99 4000—6000ft truly temperate veg. supersedes Tropical
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annotation 113 Connection of Africa & India, especially mountain plants .p. 129 do p 152

annotation 114 Cases of identical & reprentative species in remote & exceptional areas

annotation ― Abnormal vry wide rangers but disconnected ??t01 p. 165 do ( opposed tot02
t01 - `but disconnected ??' in pale brown ink
t02 - `( opposed to' in pale brown ink

annotation 237 In Khasia orchids 1/12 of vegetation
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annotation p. 2. On Highness & Lowness — Low variable (Q)

annotation 28 Ranunculus speces of widely diffused, therefore variable (Q)
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annotation 165 The most perfect species in group ought to be used for classification

annotation 171 Organ of vegetation, as wood of no value for classification

annotation 207— Orders of limited extent point in mny directions, just like Cucurbitaceae of Wight, though he took distinctness as element.—

annotation 217 Berberis a plexus of species (Ch. 4)
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annotation 218 Berberis some species evergreen, somes deciduous & some varialbe —(so in Privets ? & Oaks). (Q)

annotation 219— Marked vars of Berberis vulgaris (Ch 4)

annotation 233 «& 34» t01 on remarkalbe structural differences in member of same Family .p. 234
t01 - `« & 34» ' in pale brown ink

annotation 237 Point of classification
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annotation 240 All water plants wide rangers & variable

annotation [in top right quarter] [The Glacial references are marked at end of Book]
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annotation (Flora Indica)
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annotation p 248 “structure of grave interest in a Physiological point of view, but of no weight in systematics”

annotation 249. Connecting link between two Nat. Fam.

annotation 259 Corydalis one of few genera with many speces in Himalayas, in which majority are remarkably distinct.—
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annotation vertically crossed If vy few temperate Europaean plants occur in S. Africa probaly Africa hottest part of world ,drng Glacial period: but Heath ‹m› extended over whole.

annotation vertically crossed The connection of Flora of Old & New World before glacial period, when temperate forms inhabited now ‹almost› arctic regions — probably by Beering Str

annotation Hookers remark, somwhere, that flowers whose organs are only a little metamorphosed frm leaves are most varialbe is only part of general law, that lowest ‹forms› organisms most variable. —

annotation (Glacial Epoch
     p. 87
     p. 101
     p. 103, 4
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annotation 104 Khasia & India & Java

annotation 105 Japan & China

annotation 235
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annotation cancelled Mayatts cinquefoil strawberry advertised
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annotation X
     p. 11 ?
     p. 13
     p. 19 to 43 ----
     p. 82
     91 to end of Intrduct
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annotation p .2
     p. 22
     p. 28
     p. 89t01
     171, 2
     217, 8
     233 ,34.t02
t01 - `p. 89' in pale pencil
t02 - `,34.' in pale pencil
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annotation 243 to 248 | Ask Hooker
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annotation ‹251›
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annotation [to NB1] Glacial —
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