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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
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Annotation Not Available

annotation I intended in this but to copy out all Falkland & T. del Fuego plants on parallel lines
     [lists of plant species, mostly not in Darwin's hand, but annotated mostly by him as to habit and whether they are dioecious or unisexual; and on the last page:]

annotation This list has been marked by Hooker for close species.—
     [written over this and the next annotation] (Used)

annotation N B See what big genera are left out.— Thy ought not to be left out for mem. highness.—
     But Hooker does not know Carex or Uncinia so these ought to be left out.— Leave out genera with single species .

annotation C. Darwin References to whole in Abstract of 4to Pamphlets
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annotation [note for Hooker, 8 April 1860, on numbers of supposedly post-glacial genera not found in tropics but common to Europe and Australia]

annotation Hooker    Flora of Tasmania
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annotation V.    no two countries present all vars. of same sp. in common p. XIV

annotation ―    Best-marked vars. on confines of range

annotation ―    simplest grups present most variable species

annotation VI.    more unstable than stable forms. — social plants constant

annotation VII.    no relation between isolation of grup & closeness or definition of its species.

annotation ― Extinction allows us to define groups.

annotation IX    conditions of cultivation are not really unnatural

annotation XIII. one var constant , th other var. of sam sp. variable.

annotation XV.    Flora of isld not nearest related to nearest mainland.

annotation XVI.    gret contrast betwen Hebrides & Fidji
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annotation XVII    Effect of dampness in extending range of Tropical products
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annotation ―    Has used glacial hypothesis for New Zealand Montains

annotation XVIII.    Fuegian species not enterng Mexican table-land

annotation XIX to      Geological succession— no progression

annotation XXIV Many plants are higher (so-called) plants reduced. On Highness & Lowness
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annotation XXVII. Richness of Antarctic in forms — XXVIII. not so vry peculiar a Flora as thought to be.
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annotation XXIX    Peculiarities common to same orders in diverse parts of world.—

annotation XXXI    on similar proportions in great groups.    (due to battle of life)

annotation XXXIII «& IV» Relation to Africa — XXXV. Invaders in S.E. Australia
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annotation XXXVI    Nr of species to genera in Australia

annotation XLI Exclusive Tropical orders are all Indian. See MS note LIV

annotation XLII.    Gret range of many tropical sp. bears on «much» Extinction durng Glacial. «good see MS note» Ask Hooker.

annotation L.    Entire want of reciprocity between India & Australia
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annotation LI.    Wonderful difference between S.E & S.W. Australia

annotation LIII. «to IV» In S.E. a much more mixed & imported Flora: The invaders have destroyed «many indigenes»
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annotation LVI    Tasmanian list classed geographically
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annotation LXXXIV Discussion on. On European Plants. much modification in Tasmania
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annotation LXXXV. The Alpines of th mundane genera «are more variable» than th Alpines of Australian genera.— Perhaps the latter existed before Glacial epoch.—

annotation LXXXVII    Wonderful facts on absence of Aus. Plants in N. Zealand— showng non-continuous «land.»    Dominant invaders in N. Zealand.    LXXXIX Lord Howe's Island.—

annotation LXXXIX Antarctic Plants
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annotation XCII. «& XCVIII» S. African forms:t01 relation with respct to Glacial «period»
t01 - underlined in pencil

annotation XCV «& XCVII» Important lists bearing on Glacial.— Many monotypic ‹& small› «in Australia»

annotation XCVIII    Grand lists bearing on Glacial distribution V. good remark p. CII
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annotation C.    not reciprocity in Europe with Australia
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annotation Hooker    Flora    Tasmania
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annotation p CI    Relation of fossil & recent plants
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annotation CIII    Discussion on Glacial Flora
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annotation CIV    Good remarks on Struggle for Existence

annotation CV.    On Naturalised plants good — M.S. Remarks on.—

annotation CX    Many Native Esculent plants