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Annotation Not Available

annotation Marshall 284

annotation 89 Number of eggs various insects

annotation 96 adaptation of eggs like seeds of plants

annotation lines 208—210 (Q) Astounding manoeuvre performed once in life.

annotation 227 (Q) very important variation in Habit — Perhaps Instinct rather

annotation 261 var. in colouring of crysalises

annotation 277 NQ larvae preparing exit for imago & even providing guide to find trap-door.—

annotation 287 (Q) jaws given for this sole purpose (under selection Ch. 6) to be used only once!

annotation 474. Good sentence about no new organs being produced without transition (Q)

annotation 594, 605 Rudimentary organs for symmetry

annotation 632 In Hymenoptera the progress of neuration of wings can be traced

annotation 645 Scales, as on Butterfly appear in some Diptera

annotation 665 Number of legs vary in Iuli &c.—

annotation 89; 95 & 96; 101; 162; 202; 210; 221; 227; 257; 261; 276; 287; 305; 330; 338; 466; 474; 593; 594; 605; 632; 645; 654