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annotation I think Kirby considers Bees converting Neuters into female & Ants taking prisoners, as the most wonderful instincts

annotation Kirby. Vol 2—

annotation 12; 22; 30 to 5; 51, 58; 68 to 100; 108 to 119; 125 to 216; 220 to 241; 267; 288; 302; 421; 459; 468 to end of Vol

annotation 12 (Q) Emigrating insects not usually social — makes case odder

annotation 31 Bees, Wasps & Ants, one female lays foundation. How in Termites p35 they seem never to work (Q) (Full account of Societies of Ants & Bees &c

annotation 35 Termites contend for the females

annotation 74 (Q) Each ant seemed to know its own fellow of nest — p.80 Slave ants Bees (Q)

annotation 231 Beetle living in Hot-bed & standing Boiling water.

annotation 234 Beetles shamming death (Q)

annotation 420 Showers of insects falling

annotation 471 (Q) Definition of instinct — 473 (Q) good remark on

annotation 476 NQ Substitution of one material for another

annotation 481 (Q) Instincts of same species different at two Seasons

annotation 492 (Q) instinct 496 good remarks on not reason — 507 good

annotation 511 wonderful (Q)

annotation 514 Reason (Q)

annotation A fertile worker is throwing Back.—

annotation My metaphor of hereditary piano-forte, ought to have been 1st hereditary spinet, simple & grand piano-forte player. What wd good player do if in concert note stuck. If hereditary playing failed in tune, new tune wd be formed if new tune did imply several notes altered contemporary.

annotation Read all. with idea that originally many queens & no workers — then few queens with workers & lastly one queen.— & that instincts in neuters retain traces of old instinct when made Queens

annotation There is antagonism between an habitual action & reason — a person knitting meets some accident & reason comes into play — it is no argument that not reason because a person did not intend a perfect repair

annotation Female spiders destroy Male

annotation Vol 2. Kirby

annotation 12 Emigrating insects not social congregating like some Birds — & some birds congregate without emigrating —

annotation 35 workers of Termites ⟨illegible⟩ Queen.—

annotation 74 Each ant knows its own nest & males Do not go out till Workers Slaves are ready

annotation 77 Slave makers are not allowed to go abroad till others have neuter pupae

annotation 86 The Slave feed the Slave making Neuters — Do the Negros in their own nest feed Males or Queen ??

annotation 2

annotation p55 workers usually found to come back

annotation 119 Hive Bees begging Honey from Humble. Means of new Instinct 207 Corsairs

annotation 148, 155 — Neuters keeping Queens prisoners — (may say endless strong instincts & then allude generally — Ch. 8 & no passage known few other Bees Known.—

annotation 161 Confused & mistaken instincts in Hive Bees

annotation 194 Ventilating Hive

annotation 234 shamming Death

annotation X 470 young Bees making comb perfectly

annotation 471 good definition of Instinct

annotation (p.92. Migrations)

annotation 473 Spiders Nets pitt-falls insects beat higher animals

annotation 476 case of sensible adaptation of instinct of insects (Door of intelligence) 487 /495/

annotation (481 Marked variation at 2 times of year

annotation 496 argues not reason

annotation 513, 511 Perhaps old instinct retained

annotation (Von Baer about organisation of Bee

annotation 516 Really reason

annotation 519 Ants in hot place not moving Pupae X

annotation 525 Communication of Knowledge in Ants

annotation 529 Swarm successive years

annotation 3

annotation lines 208—210 Astounding manoeuvre once in life

annotation 227 Variation in making Cocoons or home

annotation 277 Making exit for moth & thread to guide it

annotation 287 jaws given for this purpose to be used once

annotation 4 p31 Sedentary Spider turned Hunter

annotation 2/495 cells longer on one side of comb opposed to Waterhouse.—

annotation 2/187 Knight on artificial Propolis —

annotation p.119 Bees boring holes, p.523 references on ditto

annotation Linn Trans Vol VI p222 Huber says he has seen large Humble bees try to enter “fêves” & failing bite hole in corolla, whilst smaller Humbles entered the corolla — He has seen them bite the tubes of “l'ancolie” The seed pods of the fêves were not injured.—