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annotation 2

annotation Ch VIII p48 infertility of woman only cause of dying out.—

annotation intermarriage in Botokudos —

annotation general misery & hard work of women — Lactation — &c &c —

annotation Killing children Knisteno kills female Children to save them being brought up to misery — Pooh —

annotation Guianas kill 1/2 children of both sexes — [In Upper Paraguays kill all children but own according Azara, hence race almost disappearing] p51

annotation [Abipones save — not more than 2 children

annotation — Indians do not speak of child murder —

annotation [Darish says women p.53 kill children * to save their beauty: also in Upper Paraguay Azara says p.51. — Proof of Indian women valuing their own beauty.]

annotation Many other cases of infanticide.—

annotation [p. 54 in Melanesia only bring up 2 or 3 children] & many other islands of Pacific much infanticide — especially Tahiti — ||

annotation some women had killed 4, 6, 8, or so children

annotation p57 Infanticide in Sandwich Isd

annotation 1 Austerben — Gerland — 1868

annotation Great extinction of many races —

annotation p.8 Poeppig “poisonous breath of civilisation”

annotation || p.10. Williams says healthy ships, bring disease, & not infectious disease — ⟨illegible⟩

annotation || s.12 If an Indian tribe is once reduced in number, generally becomes extinct — Tschudi in N. & S. America found this to be the case — In N. America some exceptions.—

annotation Ch. 2.—

annotation Known diseases introduced. Especially small-pox in America — & in all parts of world.—

annotation Ch. 3

annotation | * Children suffer in health in p.27.

annotation Proportion of women to men in Australia according to Grey 1 : 3 — others says as 2 : 3 —

annotation female infanticide practised.

annotation Women little food

annotation long Lactation —

annotation Many causes against health, & so we can understand why numbers of each tribe not great & no increase, but as he says does not explain actual decrease.

annotation Galton too unsettled to work

annotation Sexual selection

annotation Tattooing. about being so ugly.

annotation 3

annotation Sexual selection

annotation ||/* Arevi kill (Tahiti) all female children: Tahiti kill in order to keep beauty.— Wonderful amt of infanticide. in whole Pacific. Laziness one of main causes of infanticide — particularly kill girls — old custom — Thinks religious motive —

annotation || p.82 Natural physical conditions do not destroy races, viz T. del Fuego & Esquimaux.

annotation Sense of Justice very strong in Savages — shown even by Revenge —

annotation Depression of Spirit causes extinction.

annotation Mutual wars — infanticide — Unfruitfulness & long Lactation — diseases brought by Europea — drink &c Depression — Dissolut life

annotation Tribe when once reduced seldom revives again

annotation Famine.— Unhealthy life — Hostile appearance of Whites most hurtful of all — Psychical effects most important — Introduced diseases — When several causes so act effect marked — Savage races are not increasing, so always must be much extermination going on, & a little addition from advent of Whites, turns the balance

annotation 4

annotation Sandwich Isld Population not decreasing Said to be increasing in Tahiti. Tonga not decreased Feejie Keep up.—

annotation 1 Introduction — List of dying out Races Includes all cases from whatever cause — no special account of causes

annotation 2nd Receptiveness of savage races for miasmal illnesses, which arise spontaneously on the meeting of savage & civilized races

annotation This first gives a great number of accounts of spontaneous illnesses. & of the greater ravages of moderately hurtful European illnesses — His theory to account for this — is not that there is some noxious influence emanating from the civilized races

annotation 2 caused by their being shut up in ships etc — but that we are all innoculated, as it were, from our earliest childhood with the germs of all kinds of infectious disorders — but that we partly by inheritance & partly by use are able to possess these germs in a latent state — These same germs being quite able to infect savage races. He gives in proof of this — that certain illness seem only to appear at certain intervals — that the

annotation 3 innoculation only lasts a certain number of years & then wears out when we are again liable to the attack of this epidemic (I suppose under certain conditions is understood — H.E.D.)

annotation ⟨expanding on `latent state'⟩ because we have assimilated their nature to ours & so they are not wholly inimical to us.

annotation 4

annotation 3 Directly brought in diseases The same principle applies to directly brought in infectious & contagious diseases The first introduction was the most violent but they continued to rage furiously —

annotation The worst of all the smallpox It broke out in Mexico 1520 brought by a slaver — raged then carried to Antilles where it raged amongst the natives without killing one European —

annotation Waiz says Smallpox has killed more than near drinking together in America. at least 1/2 perhaps 2/3rd of the Population.

annotation 5

annotation According to Meinecke smallpox broke out spontaneously in New Holland

annotation We now come to the original illnesses of savage races An illness raged in New Zealand before Cook — but illnesses are rare —

annotation A gall fever raged in Central America every 100 years (4) Treatment of Illness in Savage Races All dangerous illnesses are made worse thro' mistreatment

annotation 6

annotation In America steambaths with cold washing directly after nearly always killed the patients. In Australia they only exorcise evil spirits whom they suppose the cause of all illness — They pretend to draw a bit of stone out of them. They kill the bewitcher & rub the bewitched with his suet. Or to bleed away the Magic They are cleverer in outside injuries & serpent bites —

annotation They are buried before they are dead in Feejee so that they mayn't bother the living. In the New Hebrides they kill delirious patients so that

annotation 7 they mayn't infect others — In Melanesian it is all taken for work of demons, tho' they practise bloodletting & such means—
     In Polynesia the sick are not cared for. In Mukuhiva they hold the nose & the mouth of the sick to keep the spirit or life firm. only in New Zealand they know better how to manage — They used hot springs, light food, & rubbing of the limbs — In Tahiti they hold it wicked to take Medicine — but they

annotation 8 are clever surgeons The Mexicans are acquainted with Medicines— but put more faith in magic.— The drawing out of the stone found in Haiti & Brazil as well as Australia. The Botokuda in Sth Am. alone use natural means Steambaths all over America Real Doctors & magic doctors The Hottentots consider it all as the work of evil spirits — & they & in the Antilles draw out the stone (or here bone) as in Australia In America & Africa they punish unsuccessful doctors