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Principes de philosophie zoologique
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Paris,Pichon et Didier,1830.
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Public domain. The BHL considers that this work is no longer under copyright protection.

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lines 3—10 score

lines 4—15 score

lines 5—11 score

lines 18—30 score

lines 5—10 score

lines 11—15 score

lines 8—12 score

lines 26—29 score

lines 19—22 score

lines 1—4 score

lines 23—27 score
lines 23—27 annotation ancestral & modern types

lines 19—23 score

line 12 underline "par ... composition"
from End Slip annotation 65 Curious statement on what plan animals created (good to put at end of Chapt. 6) (Q)

line 14 underline "ressemblance"

lines 23—24 annotation Curious words

lines 26—29 score

line 26 annotation

line 27 annotation Q

line 27 underline "bien ... fécond"
lines 28—29 score

bottom-margin annotation I demur to this alone

lines 1—4 score
line 1 at "nature"
top-margin annotation all this will follow from selection. The unity of course due to inheritance

lines 18—31 score

lines 12—24 score

lines 3—16 score

lines 18—22 score

lines 18—23 score

lines 1—7 score

lines 1—6 score

lines 1—20 score
top-margin annotation As it appears to me strongest argument against G.H. is existence of trees, which are so hardly [?]separate from animals

lines 4—6 score
from End Slip annotation 214 Law of connexion invariable

lines 1—5 score
from End Slip annotation 215 (Q) Monstrosities, always resembles other species (allude to this in Ch. 7)
from End Slip annotation 215 Properly speaking there is but one animal

lines 16—28 score
line 26 underline "développement naturelle"
lines 21—23 annotation Q

lines 1—15 score
lines 8—9 underline "irrévocablement"
annotation !
from End Slip annotation 216 speaks of ultimate form of species as irrevocable!

lines 17—21 score

lines 18—26 score

top-margin annotation All this is not G.H. writing but he approves & publishes it
from End Slip annotation 218 Does not seem to attribute Unity to inheritance for speaks of it as Law

lines 4—18 score
lines 10—12 annotation !
line 10 underline "laisser ... distraire"
line 11 underline "des ... organes"
lines 14—15 underline "par ... imposée"

lines 18—21 score

lines 24—26 annotation !
line 25 underline "créés"

lines 25—30 score

lines 1—16 score