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lines 1—18 score

lines 6—20 score

lines 1—4 score
lines 2—3 underline "hover ... hens"
lines 1—9 annotation dormant instincts in every male, account for a difficulty in origin
from End Slip annotation 8 on capons hovering or brooding over chickens

lines 7—9 score
lines 7—9 annotation ?
line 9 underline "Mr. Lisle"

lines 9—12 score

top-margin annotation This must be reason, instinct would have led hog to have waited for boar

lines 1—5 score

lines 1—10 score

lines 15—16 apparently unintentional mark

top-margin annotation cause of straight lines easy to keep direction recollect FitzRoy idea of sounding-noises to hear the line when not see it

lines 1—2 score

lines 15—22 score

lines 15—19 score
line 15 annotation ?
line 15 underline "miscellanies"

top-margin annotation Habitual action, like instinct does not vary, indeed difficult to vary much bitter experience to cure tricks yet curable. so instincts can be altered.—
from End Slip annotation 110 some notes of own on instincts

top-margin annotation habitual desires & actions go together in Man.— eating dinner Instinctive desires

bottom-margin annotation Habitual desires — appetite at certain times

bottom-margin annotation Instinctive action Habitual action — in sucking both must be brought into play

bottom-margin annotation Instinctive when origin cannot be traced in life of individual

top-margin annotation in an habitual action, consciousness of desire which must be preparatory, obliterated

top-margin annotation It is not more wonderful that a desire should be hereditary — than that memory itself should be hereditary. or that taste, mental thought should be so

lines 7—24 annotation In Man an habitual desire may become instinctive or heredetary. ambitious man ambitious children — civilized man. civilized children

lines 13—16 annotation It is transmission of thought through egg

lines 15—19 score

lines 17—21 annotation X— that cuckoos should know so much the impregnated ovum should be mathematical

lines 20—25 annotation the mind has only cause to sleep

lines 20—25 annotation because circumstances do not vary

bottom-margin annotation Man scarcely any instinctive actions. Many desires, & therefore many habitual

bottom-margin annotation animals having many instinctive few habitual actions?

lines 14—18 score
from End Slip annotation 117 Barley in Hawks stomach from W. Pigeons

lines 12—19 score

lines 15—20 score
from End Slip annotation 119 Chinese dogs not relishing meat (Q)

lines 20—25 score

lines 20—25 score
line 21 annotation good
from End Slip annotation 120 sporting Dogs refusing Partridges &c N.Q.

top-margin annotation If effect of being beaten as seems most probable a most curious instance if not yet an acquired instinct!—

lines 1—4 score

lines 3—6 annotation “    ”

lines 7—11 score

lines 14—21 score

lines 1—3 score

lines 8—13 score
line 11 annotation reason

bottom-margin annotation nothing short of it would make them run out of doors

lines 15—17 apparently unintentional mark

bottom-margin apparently unintentional mark

lines 2—16 score

lines 18—21 score

lines 16—19 score
line 17 underline "Montagu ... xxx"