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The natural history of Selborne : to which are added the naturalist's calendar, miscellaneous observations, and poems.
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LondonPrinted for C. and J. Rivington [etc.]1825
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Annotation Not Available

lines 17—23 score

bottom-margin annotation Good instance of punctual migration

bottom-margin annotation D'Orbigny case of memory of time

lines 2—19 score
line 11 underline "cock ... hen"
lines 8—9 annotation Q
from End Note 2 annotation 139 Many birds do not pair;
from End Slip annotation 139 On Birds when one shot, getting soon mated (Q)

lines 23—24 annotation Q

lines 2—10 score
lines 3—6 annotation In S America same fact
from End Note 2 annotation 169 allied species similar habits;

lines 15—24 score
lines 15—19 score
from End Slip annotation 246 on singing of Birds, due to rivalry

lines 1—5 score

lines 6—17 score
lines 7—8 annotation Lin 14
from End Slip annotation 256 on wren hiding mouth of nest

lines 1—7 score
lines 1—7 annotation like my bird boring holes
from End Slip annotation 272 Martins nests continually washed down

lines 6—26 score
line 7 annotation p.773
from End Note 1 annotation p277 Furnarius boring holes

lines 12—17 score

line 1 annotation Swallows