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A naturalist's sojourn in Jamaica /
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London :Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans,1851.
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University of Pittsburgh Library System (archive.org)
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Annotation Not Available

lines 13—10 score
from End Note annotation p.91 Enquire;

lines 2—3 score

line 6 underline "absolutely mute"

lines 11—20 score
line 11 underline "Alco"
line 12 underline "from Mexico"

lines 19—22 score

lines 21—22 underline "a ... eye"

line 7 underline "Mexican Mopsy"

line 14 underline "Agnara ... Surinam"

lines 28—30 score
lines 28—30 annotation Q

lines 28—32 score

lines 2—5 score
from End Slip annotation 339 The Alco — or Mexican Mopsy, white woolly var. wd. only associate with another Dog of its own Breed — becomes passionately attached to single individual (Q)

lines 24—27 score
from End Slip annotation 340 Feral Dog of E. Haiti different from St Domingo of Col. Smith; thought to be an aboriginal S. American feral Dog (Q)

lines 29—32 score
line 29 underline "Dog ... Haïti"
line 29 annotation Q

lines 30—31 underline "Feral ... Domingo"

lines 5—7 score
from End Note annotation 386 Pigs;
from End Slip annotation 386 Feral Hogs of Jamaica (Q)

lines 15—20 score
lines 15—20 annotation Q

lines 1—2 score
lines 1—2 annotation Q

lines 9—11 score

lines 19—20 underline "well-toothed"

lines 3—9 score

lines 19—22 score
from End Slip annotation 429. Haiti tradition of Frogs brought by shower — alludes to Moreau case

lines 24—27 score
line 26 underline "bull-heads"

lines 9—12 score
from End Slip annotation 431 Frogs imported & spread in several W. Indian islds

lines 23—28 score

lines 31—33 score

lines 27—29 score
lines 27—29 annotation Q
from End Slip annotation 441 Rabbit feral (Q) but not common — Slate-coloured (Q)

lines 4—8 score

line 7 underline "deeply"
line 7 annotation Q

lines 6—10 score

lines 4—9 score
from End Slip annotation 447 European Ferret rendered useless from their inability to overcome Chigoe infestment (Q)

lines 21—28 score
from End Slip annotation 469 On the indigenous Capromys of W. Indian islds.—

line 31 score