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Ornithological biography, or an account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America ; accompanied by descriptions of the objects represented in the work entitled The Birds of America, a...
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Edinburgh, Adam Black, 1831-1839
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Natural History Museum Library, London
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Public domain. The BHL considers that this work is no longer under copyright protection.

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lines 31—35 underline "[whole line]"

line 15 underline "upper ... tinged"

line 16 underline "loral space"
line 18 underline "light greenish-yellow"

lines 30—33 score
line 30 underline "loral"
line 31 underline "black"

lines 33—37 score

line 4 underline "tints ... duller"
lines 4—7 score
lines 4—7 annotation other cases

line 2 underline "part ... forehead"

lines 30—31 underline "bright ... extent"

lines 10—19 score
from End Slip annotation 210 Jay;

lines 10—11 underline "broad ... eyes"

line 12 underline "in at rather"

line 13 underline "is ... pale"

line 14 underline "parts yellowish-green"

lines 24—32 score

lines 24—33 score
from End Note annotation 456 Parasitic Cow-Bird

lines 1—2 score
from End Slip annotation 519 Tanagra aestivalis female almost as red as male

lines 12—16 score
lines 12—16 annotation Q
from End Note annotation 601 Noise to cause alarm Q

lines 1—6 score
from End Note annotation 602 Migration