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On the variation of species
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London, John Van Voorst, 1856
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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lines 11—14 score
lines 12—19 score in pale pencil
line 22 underline "namely ... creation"

lines 11—12 underline "a ... stability"
lines 10—12 annotation (Q)
line 14 score in dark pencil
lines 15—17 score
lines 14—16 annotation (Q)
lines 6—3 score

line 3 crossing-out "[dat]e"
line 3 annotation [dat]a
show subjects concepts

lines 11—16 score
line 11 underline "the thesis"
show subjects subjects

line 10 underline "small"
lines 9—7 score
line 8 underline "of itself"
line 1 underline "legitimate variation"
line 1 annotation !
show subjects subjects

line 4 score
lines 6—9 score
lines 5—7 annotation (Q)

lines 15—18 score

bottom-margin annotation Do not forget changes in larval condition.— as causing changes in mature

[continues overleaf] 14—16 score
lines 14—15 annotation in pale pencil (Q)
lines 4—1 score
lines 4—2 annotation in pale pencil (Q)

lines 6—9 score
line 7 underline "ornamented typically"
lines 6—12 annotation variation analogous (Q)t01
t01 - `(Q)' in pale pencil

lines 3—6 score in pale pencil
lines 7—8 annotation in pale pencil (Q)
lines 9—12 score

bottom-margin apparently unintentional mark

lines 1—4 score
lines 3—4 underline "to ... colouring"
top-marginline 17 annotation How curious the improbability of creation & variation producg sam end . Capacity in one case & not in other to adapt itself or be acted on. — (Q)t01
     You have a vera causa, but you invent another.—
t01 - `(Q)' in dark pencil

lines 10—13 score
lines 11—13 underline in dark pencil "the ... race"
lines 7—12 annotation Java, Sumatra } America

lines 5—8 score
lines 5—8
lines 11—10 score
top-margin annotation It is vy important that the linking forms are often rarer; by Mr Wollastons accont, thos th extremes: hence easily exterminated. } —
     How far are intermdiate links produced by crossing ? if so thy wd cease when species made

line 1 underline "unnatural ... tribes"
show subjects subjects

lines 1—5 score
lines 1—2
top-margin annotation With this I can hardly believe, that intermarriag can decrease size. — May not greater powers of locomotion be regained for apterus insects
show subjects subjects

lines 13—14 score
lines 15—18 score
line 15 underline "invariably apterous"
lines 14—15 annotation (2) (Q)
lines 19—20 annotation (Q) (3)

[continues overleaf] lines 6—4 score in dark pencil

lines 14—16 underline "if ... certain"
lines 14—15 annotation (Q)
lines 12—16 annotation Can this account for absence of thalerophage lamellicorn.
show subjects subjects

line 5 apparently unintentional mark

bottom-margin annotation horizontally crossed ‹Al›    Why not allude to greater propor
show subjects concepts

lines 1—2 score
line 2 underline "external ... form"
top-margin annotation ⧟ This cannot be interbreeding ∴ probably in all cases some other relation.—
show subjects subjects

top-marginline 15 annotation It wd be well to put the case of 2 isld were united, there wd. be varyng intermediat forms: or indeed ‹one› the variation prevented. Just as varying excessively slow, so a few crosses wd. help to check it .

lines 17—19 score
lines 17—19 annotation so in Ploceus & Icterus

lines 12—14 score
lines 12—14 annotation ?
show subjects concepts

lines 6—8 score
lines 7—8 underline "with ... powers"
lines 6—7 annotation ?

lines 13—15 score
line 14 underline "once continuous"
line 15 underline "slowness"
line 15 annotation hypothesis

lines 10—14 double score
lines 11—13 score
lines 10—14 annotation think of confined mammals & Birds

lines 5—3 score
line 5 underline "Its ... rarity"
show subjects subjects

lines 10—9 underline "the ... regions"
lines 10—9 annotation Lyell
show subjects subjects