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De la physionomie et de la parole
Publication Details
Paris, Germer Baillière, 1865
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
Copyright & Usage
Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

Copyright Status:
In copyright

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top-margin annotation Ch. Darwin
show subjects concepts

lines 4—5 score
lines 4—5 annotation “    ”

lines 1—5 score in dark pencil
lines 1—6 score

lines 11—12 score
line 11 underline "cherché ... raison"

lines 1—5 score

lines 9—1 score

lines 5—8 score
show subjects subjects

lines 6—10 score

top-margin annotation Child may be attntive to any arousal or pleasure, as suckg, & no howling .
show subjects subjects

lines 1—2 double score

line 3 underline "front ... sourcil"
line 5 underline "pensées"
lines 3—5 annotation grief ?

whole-margin annotation If one thinks ever so attentively on pleasant subject, no contraction of brow, but if an puzzle or difficulty occurs, thogh not actually unpleasant, brow contracts, evry ‹strng contrst› «difficulty» drng early infancy accompand by this movemnt; ‹th› Perhps aided by vision in primordial times.—
     { But why [?]not corners of mouth ?? With infant first begining is th frown.—

line 5 score

line 6 underline "sourcil"
lines 7—6 annotation !?

lines 11—7 score

lines 1—7 annotation “    ”
lines 1—7 score
lines 1—7 annotation Sir C.B whose merit has been fully appreciated by late French writer

lines 13—14 score
lines 16—18 score
lines 15—18 annotation Instinct doubtful

top-marginline 8 annotation argues frm differenc of observers «& writer» that there can be no innate knowledge — but we can tell family likenss

lines 10—6 score

lines 2—4 score
lines 1—3 underline "que ... poussé"
top-marginline 3 annotation animals do

lines 13—18 score
show subjects subjects

lines 4—6 score
lines 8—10 score

lines 3—1 score
from End Note annotation 160 Hensleigh

lines 9—12 score
lines 1—10 annotation Bowman.— Person born blind blushes ?? for shame
line 10bottom-margin annotation Do thy look downwards?
     or cast their eyes down.—

bottom-margin annotation whether blush as much or at all ? not redden frm anger.—
from End Note annotation 181 Expression /

lines 1—4 score
lines 1—4 annotation Tylor shows they do invent
from End Note annotation horizontally crossedin pale pencil 185 Man /

lines 7—10 score
line 7 underline in pale pencil "parole"

lines 4—10 score
bottom-margin annotation a stone first instrument of man & monkey

lines 1—6 score
lines 3—4 annotation laws of mind

annotation 19
     41 to 135 /
show subjects concepts

annotation 181 Expression /
show subjects concepts

annotation horizontally crossedin pale pencil 185 Man /
show subjects concepts

annotation 190
show subjects concepts

annotation 160 Hensleigh