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Edinburgh, W.H. Lizars, 1841
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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Annotation Not Available

lines 1—2 score

lines 7—9 [    ]
line 8 underline "Kutch"
line 8 crossing-out "being"
line 8 annotation is
line 9 underline "The ... Arab"
lines 11—13 [    ]
line 11 underline "greys ... duns"
lines 9—12 annotation in pencil (Q)

line 5 score in pencil
line 5 underline in pencil "curiously spotted"
show subjects subjects

lines 13—16 score

line 21 underline "other genera and"
lines 20—21 score
lines 20—21 annotation !

line 4 underline "upwards ... surface"
lines 5—8 score
lines 5—8 annotation ice period !

[continues overleaf] 10—11 underline "existence ... type"
line 12 underline "Ovis Ammon"
line 13 underline "Asia, Africa"
line 14 underline "Mediterranean"
line 19 score
line 19 underline "cannot have"
lines 5—2 score

lines 1—3 score
lines 8—16 score
lines 10—11 annotation X
lines 18—19 score
bottom-margin annotation it certainly is no greater difficulty in supposing many pair, than one pair produced.—

lines 5—9 score

lines 16—25 score
line 22 underline "plurality"
lines 17—25 annotation point of comparison between varieties & species crossing

lines 1—2 score in brown ink
lines 1—2 underline in brown ink "it ... noticed"

lines 14—15 score

lines 8—6 score
lines 10—6 annotation !!
show subjects subjects

lines 8—5 score
lines 5—1 score

lines 3—9 score

line 2 underline "feral"
line 2 annotation good word—
show subjects subjects

lines 16—18 score
show subjects subjects

lines 15—14 score
line 15 underline "great ... breeds"
line 13 underline "still ... Northern"
lines 12—9 score
line 11 underline "Attention ... in"

lines 10—7 score
line 8 underline "sought ... fortieth"

lines 14—12 )
line 13 underline "a ... colour"
lines 17—12 annotation (Q)

bottom-margin apparently unintentional mark

lines 3—4 annotation in dark brown ink X
lines 4—7 score
lines 11—12 score

lines 12—19 score

lines 8—7 score
lines 8—7 )

lines 2—4 score
line 3 underline "eelback dun"

lines 15—12 score

lines 17—12 score
lines 8—3 score

lines 3—6 score

lines 9—8 score

lines 13—16 score in pale pencil

[continues overleaf] lines 7—6 score in pale pencil
line 1 score

[continues overleaf] lines 9—8 score in dark pencil
lines 12—8 annotation !

lines 12—19 score
line 14 underline "five great stirpes"
line 14 annotation what ?
line 19 underline "some ... seals"
line 20 underline "the ... brown"
lines 22—25 score

lines 7—4 {
lines 11—6 annotation (Q)t01 5 stockst02
t01 - `(Q)' in brown ink
t02 - `5 stocks' in pale pencil

lines 2—1 score
show subjects subjects

lines 8—1 score

lines 17—20 score

line 2 double score in dark brown ink
lines 2—3 underline "when ... grey"
lines 3—5 score
lines 5—10 score
line 13 underline "divergent ... chestnut"
lines 14—16 score
line 15 score in dark brown ink

lines 14—10 annotation Kutch & Malay Archipl Xt01
lines 9—7 score
line 9 underline in brown ink "dun ... the"
lines 7—6 underline "without ... cause"
lines 6—5 score
line 6 underline in dark brown ink "dappled"
t01 - `X' in reddish-brown crayon

lines 9—3 double score in pale pencil
lines 10—9 annotation in reddish-brown crayon X

lines 7—10 score
lines 10—11 score

whole-margin annotation Utter confusion of species

lines 16—18 score

lines 7—11 score

line 11 underline "two ... camel"
line 13 underline "including ... chartreux"
line 15 underline "cat ... Pennant"
line 16 underline "tortoiseshell cat"
line 17 underline "originally indigenous"
line 21 underline "females ... preserve"
lines 19—21 annotation bosch !

lines 6—10 score

lines 10—6 score

lines 16—15 score
line 16 underline "grey ... Egypt"
lines 10—9 score
line 10 underline "race ... large"
line 1 underline "dun-coloured breed"

lines 7—12 score
line 10 underline "two ... female"
show subjects subjects

lines 7—9 score
line 8 underline "claim ... demonstrations"
show subjects concepts

bottom-margin annotation ? a Doubtful species —
show subjects concepts