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     Everythng in this Volume fully abstracted & abstracts distributed. —

annotation vertically crossed { What good experiments might be made by mixing pollen together of several kinds —

annotation cancelled p. 12    Male & Female organs in Hybrid unequally affected.

annotation vertically crossed According to Gaertner (p. 273.)    when several varieties «of th same specis» are crossed with another species, offspring closely alike; but when several close, but true species, are crossed with another specis offsprng very unlike .    This must be tested in this work, specially in th vars of Nicotiana. — In th Nova Acta he experimntised on plenty of vars of Mirabilis ‹var› Jalappa. but I fear the vars. differed only in ‹cl› colour. But Dic Classique remarks that Mirabilis Jalap. differs only in colour of flowers.