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On the domesticated animals of the British islands.
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London :Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans,1845.
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

annotation     Questions for Mr Low
     p. 3■6    ■
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annotation LXIII. Supposes the longer any quality in breed comes truer

annotation ― Believes in ill effect of interbreeding

annotation LXIX States roundly that vars. of sheep & Dogs will keep distinct p 671
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annotation p.5 & 8 Species of Ibex
show subjects subjects
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annotation 12. Syrian Goat same character for 2000 years (no authority)
show subjects subjects

annotation ― Horns absent sometimes in one or both sexes    (do [ie `no authority']) p. 14 in India
show subjects subjects

annotation 24    Horns in Female wild sheep often wanting or small
show subjects subjects

annotation 91    Black-faced sheep will not amalgamate by crossing with other Breeds
show subjects subjects

annotation 159    Rye-land sheep will not    do. — [ie `amalgamate by crossing with other Breeds']
show subjects subjects

annotation 188    Remarks how soon a breed in any county changes with no record of it. St01
t01 - `S' in reddish-brown crayon

annotation 239    On various Park cattle of England with coloured vars    p. 241    p. ■301
show subjects subjects

annotation horizontally crossed 242
     242 Crouching instincts of young lost immediately — no doubt lost in Chickens, not in «Turkeys» through tameness of Parents
show subjects subjects

annotation 258 Crosses with Indian Cattle said to be fertile inter se
show subjects subjects

annotation 297 Zetland cattle receive male earlier than any other Breed— (Q)
show subjects subjects

annotation 309 Kerry Cattle    white ridge along spine
show subjects subjects

annotation 316 Modern Aberdeenshire Breed hardly true as yet
show subjects subjects

annotation 351 Sheeted colour common t severl breeds & strongly inheritable ■   
show subjects subjects

annotation 370 Long-horns with difficulty amalgamated    Colling & Bakewell & n■ame Ellman for sheep

annotation 387 Short-horn communicate character very easily & yet is an imposed modern Breed
show subjects subjects

annotation 402    Male Boar tends t destry yong t prevent too gret increse — so som Rams attack pregnant females |||
show subjects subjects

annotation 409    Wild not gregarious? (Bechstein)    tame are. & even when feral in S. America

annotation 411.    Tame pigs 3 incisors in each jaw & number not constant
show subjects subjects

annotation 415    Vauban calculation of increse of Pigs (.Ch 3)

annotation 428 Sus Papuensis — young striped along back
show subjects subjects

annotation 646 Canis anthus of Arabia vry like Dogs sculptured on Pyramids (Q)

annotation 650 Half-bred Dingos wd attack Poultry — Low kept them
show subjects concepts

annotation 717 Some of Dholes of India like Greyhounds — Pointers Mute (Q)

annotation 721 Pedigrees of Greyhound attended to like Racers

annotation     a Poor Book — not t be trusted.