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Edinburgh, W.H. Lizars, 1839-1840
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
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Annotation Not Available

annotation 79 Mammae of Dogs 10 to 7 (Q)
show subjects subjects

annotation 94 Ancient Dogs , few (Q) ■   
show subjects subjects

annotation 103 Colour attended to in ancient dogs, Xenophon (Selection Ch I

annotation 104    No pendent ears in old Dogs except in one Aegyptian Dog «p 107 do» ‹107›
show subjects subjects

annotation 121 Feral Dogs of St. Domingo (Q)t01 ■    ■   
t01 - `(Q)' in pencil
show subjects subjects

annotation 133 Newfoundland semi-palmated (Q)t01
t01 - `(Q)' in pencil
show subjects subjects

annotation 156 Florida Indian Dog like Wolf of country (Q)t01
t01 - `(Q)' in brown ink

annotation 158 American dogs breeding freely with wolves of Country (N.Q)t01
t01 - `(N.Q)' in pencil
show subjects subjects

annotation 196    Pointers standing 1 1/4 hour (Q)

annotation 207    Bull-terrier a crossed Breed
show subjects subjects

annotation 210    Extinction of Dogs in Pacific
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 214    Patagonian Dogs «(Qt01 destroyng Poultry —
t01 - `(Q)' in brown ink

annotation Ears erected in all these
show subjects subjects

annotation in pale pencil «215 Fuegians value dogs»
show subjects subjects

annotation 217 Mastiffs indifferent to form crosses with other Breeds !
show subjects subjects

annotation 218 Toes of Mastiff vry generally «Ch. 9» a fifth in hind feet (Q)

annotation 243    Races of Foxes ■    ■   
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation    Synopsis of Canidae at end .
show subjects subjects

annotation The Plate of Alco dog shows tan ring round eyes
show subjects subjects

annotation The analogy of Sheep & Cattle makes me doubt Col. Smith hybrid view of dogs (supported with much erudition & showng pains taken in old times) — for equal numbers must be used to make an intermediate breed & how many parent sources & these sources with characters more prominent (because since hybridised) than now ,more acute greyhound — more ‹acute› blunt bloodhound.— occasional crosses produce effect. merely like ordinry variation in excess & thus I believe in — as all hybrids are [on next sheet] intermediate, we must suppose as mny types as now varieties. How mny does H. Smith make?

annotation 78 to ‹236› 302
show subjects concepts

annotation Think over how many English Breeds how many in Zoolog Gardens & other parts of world & extinct kinds!!