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Pomologie physiologique
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Paris, Hizard, 1830
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

annotation 17. Sterility from grafting (Q)t01
t01 - `(Q)' in brown ink

annotation 43 «72» } seeds from grafted■ Pear on Quince gives more varieties than on pure stock
show subjects subjects

annotation 47 Contrasts the diminution of size in seeds of fruit-tree, with increase in size of nuts, Almonds & chestnuts, by selection

annotation 65 «222» some vars. of pears succeed better on Quince (Q)t01 than on own stock (like case of Crinum) (Q)t02
t01 - `(Q)' in brown ink
t02 - `(Q)' in brown ink
show subjects subjects

annotation 106 . The more a plant departs frm type the more tends to depart (contrast with opinion of limit)

annotation 126 on double fecundation in melon like Thwaites Inula caset01
t01 - `like Thwaites ... case' in pale pencil
show subjects concepts

annotation 136 «(556)» on “variantes” or slight direct variation frm conditions

annotation 155 does not believe in acclimatisation , only in seedlings vegetating at different periods

annotation 218 on changes in fruit-trees
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 262 on some pears & apples being true by seed
show subjects subjects

annotation 321 «346» } Peach «does not» succeeds equally well on all plums (Q)t01
t01 - `(Q)' in brown ink
show subjects subjects

annotation 358, 364 «367, 382» } Remarkable vars of cherries — good to quote as more than trifling
show subjects subjects

annotation 398 Work on Gooseberry
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 561 on characters of parents in Hybrids. (N.Q)

annotation (569, two Fathers)t01
t01 - `two F' in brown ink over pencil
show subjects concepts

annotation      compare grafting & Hybridisation are there any exceptions to plants of same genera, being graftealbe. —

annotation 6
show subjects concepts

annotation 16 effects of graft & 44 summing upt01
t01 - `& 44 ... up' in dark pencil

annotation 43
     47, 8
show subjects concepts

annotation 65 as odd as Crinum being more readily impregnated by foreign speciest01
t01 - `being more ... species' in dark pencil
show subjects subjects

annotation 66.
     134, 6
     153 to 8
     231 ‹& 3 to 92› to 404.
     p. 491
     552 to end
show subjects concepts