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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
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Annotation Not Available

lines 5—1 score
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line 6 underline "Varro"
lines 8—9 score
line 8 underline "Columella"
lines 6—9 annotation In Athenaeum “Rei Rusticae Scriptores”.

lines 5—1 score
show subjects concepts

line 13 score
line 17 underline "22 Kupfertafeln"
line 19 score

lines 10—12 annotation Ears very variable
show subjects subjects

lines 17—16 score
lines 17—14 annotation Lungs of swift dogs very ‹› large
show subjects subjects

lines 5—3 score
lines 5—1 annotation lines 10—8 nipples latter more rare
show subjects subjects

line 13 X [`bookmark']

lines 7—13 annotation Crossed with these
show subjects concepts

line 1 score
show subjects concepts

lines 4—3 score
lines 4—3 annotation [?]Ca

lines 7—11 score

line 14 score
line 26 score
lines 15—17 annotation 2 dogs in New Zealand —

lines 7—5 score

lines 15—12 score
line 14 underline "Herrmann"

lines 18—15 annotation X Spaniel .

lines 3—1 annotation Carriage Dog
show subjects concepts

line 9 annotation Poodle
line 17 underline "Seiden"
show subjects subjects

line 11 X [`bookmark']

line 1 at "geiffernden" annotation slaverng
lines 2—5 annotation always slaverng mouth
show subjects subjects

line 11 underline "Zuerst ... Pennant"
lines 9—11 annotation webbed feet
from End Note annotation 31 Bechstein first remarked about skin betwen toes of Mastiff ?

line 14 underline "zottig"
line 14 annotation shaggy
show subjects subjects

line 10 annotation our Bull Dog —
show subjects subjects

lines 7—5 annotation Claw on hinder feet.
show subjects subjects

lines 15—16 annotation Pointer
show subjects subjects

line 4 underline "Pferde, Hunde"
lines 4—1 annotation Animals of Corsica
     oddy speckled

from End Note annotation 39    Animals of Corsica speckled

line 1 underline "Hühner ... Hunde"
top-marginline 5 annotation Men, hounds, Hens black on coasts of Guinea !

lines 18—21 annotation Danish carriage dog

lines 12—8 annotation Greyhound Do not bark
from End Note annotation 40 Greyhonds do not bark

lines 16—18 score
lines 16—18 annotation Persian gryhnd

line 9 underline "zittern"
line 9 annotation hesitt
line 9 annotation ‹doesn›
line 8 underline "Hasen"
line 7 annotation — like Hare
show subjects subjects

lines 5—6 annotation naked dogs
show subjects subjects

lines 11—8 annotation Terriers

lines 15—9 annotation Carver says only 1 dog amongst Americans

lines 7—6 underline "grosser ... Zehen"

lines 3—7 score
line 4 underline "1622"
lines 2—10 annotation Newfoundland dog not found there in 1622

line 11 [?]score

lines 6—4 annotation 2 dogs Chile

lines 2—9 score
top-marginline 11 annotation talks of impossibility of recognisg dogs of Ancients.
from End Note annotation 48 Dogs of ancients
     [illegible word] of Dogs in [illegible word] countries

lines 14—19 score
lines 12—20 annotation doubts whethr thy could have been kept pure.

line 19 underline "400 Jahre vor"
lines 15—7 score
lines 15—9 annotation 2 kinds of dogs described

lines 7—4 score in dark pencil
line 7 underline in dark pencil "350"
line 6 underline in dark pencil "lines 3—4"

line 16 underline "Melitäischen"
lines 17—15 score
lines 17—15 annotation Pliny mentions quite a little dog

lines 8—5 annotation & Indian Dog

line 21 underline "ex ... cane"
lines 14—29 annotation I see tht ‹ancients› «Aristotle» attributed Dogs to crosses with wild animals ! ⸮ whether correctly may be doubted.

lines 24—22 score
line 24 underline "ersten Jahrhundert"
lines 22—20 underline "Medi ... Ancones"
lines 22—20 annotation

lines 7—5 score
lines 10—6 annotation 2d century
     many breeds

line 7 score in pale pencil
lines 9—11 score
lines 9—11 annotation much variety in Dogs

line 18 score
line 10 annotation X

[continues overleaf] lines 9—8 annotation 1
line 3 annotation 2

[continuation] 1 annotation 3
line 4 annotation 4
line 6 annotation 5
line 8 annotation 6 — aids in Hawking
line 10 annotation 7
line 11 annotation 8
line 13 annotation 9
line 15 annotation 10
line 17 annotation 11

line 19 annotation Charlemagne
line 15 underline "Molossus"
line 15 annotation Blood Hound

lines 16—21 score
lines 16—25 annotation only few hounds in Germany at this period

lines 10—14 score

lines 4—5 double score
lines 11—13 score
show subjects concepts

lines 22—17 score
lines 23—15 annotation long legged «& long snouted» thin haird dogs in hot countris, shrt-legged thick haird in cold countries